Cyberlord Custom Costume


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Wassup Guys. Haven't had time to post much so here's a Prop costume I am working on and been working on this since Sept 2011. Enjoy the pics!


This is almost done just more back and forth of tweaking the right amount of rust, cleaning up and dirtying down certain areas, adding more contrasts, more push and pull that sorta thing.
After that add the electronics and I'm done!


OK Almost there with Painting this Cyberhead. Now need to add more contrasts for the tiny parts to stand out.





Thanks for the comments Almost done and will post up more pics soon!


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These are the Electronic lights and sound units that will go into the Cyberlord, this will really make it live true to its name.

All the electronics were made by different 2 guys I hire to do on the side. So no I wish I had all the knowledge.


This is to show you the amount of work that goes into these sculpts. I might as well let you guy in on the secrets behind the process.

There's no cheating. One is lucky to find ANY parts that can fit into the sculpt but most of the time is spent designing individual pieces that looks good and works aesthetically with the sculpt you're working on.

You're looking at about 7 long days of work here and much materials is already spent.


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is this a model or a costume?

it's beautiful work
but, if it's a costume, you may want to ask one of the mods to move it to the correct forum


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This is a costume commissioned by a UK guy Steampunk Overlord. We are collaborating on the designs and I am fabricating for him. He gives me some basic designs of what he wants and I just go off from there and we work back and forth. Below are the latest test fitting. I also am sourcing some Iron Man gloves either from Finhead or Zabana but prices are crazy! Just not sure if the guy will want something thats half the price of the head I am charging him.



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Thanks guys. Took me forever to sculpt on this thing and it wasn't like I had specific designs so I had to make it up as I go along.
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