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so i want to build a reverse flash, but i can't sew and i dont have 200 dollars even to spend on the costume. so this is gonna be cardstock, foam and house items.

first i'll start with the cowl. took a cpatain america cowl off ebay 20 bucks, and a night owl cowl off ebay 30 bucks, and put them together. saw a gentleman do this on this page it was pretty cool. idea. after some hacking, some super glue, and some base coat plasti dip. i get this. to be either plasti dip yellow or airbrushed or a combo of both later

- - - Updated - - -

next its about the symbols. so i tried cutting eva foam with bevels: fail. tried sculpting it, also fail. new plan was to try papercrafting and that went successful so i moved it over to cardstock/bristolboard and with some scoring and some tape, i have my shapes. next i'll cast them so i can make more. but a few coats of PVA or modge podge and these r good as is.20150403_205604.jpg
great idea on the cowl I am anxious to try this myself how are the two pieces laying together? Is the glue holding up as you expected?

yes i used basic gorilla instant glue its working phenominally. Big difference was head size circumfrance, required some alteration in the rear and some new velcro but for budget not bad so far. Should have it painted by wed w some new pics
Do you remember where you got that vest? or at least which one?

yes its harder to find but this is the version they make now.

again any vest will do but i had this laying around. honestly for an economy build, just one of those nice plain black half color coats u see in kohls or jc penny work great, just glue foamies to them (heat sealed) and plasti dip the crap out of it. i used the vest to test my pasti dip it was an old judge dredd vest. but i like it now so for now i'll use it. but yes a 20 dollar zip up black half color with foamies glued will work great.

- - - Updated - - -

so here is some progress on what i have thus far, i won't be making any advances on this for a few days or so heading into my heavy work days. but i will definitely begin the belt this weekend or next wed.20150408_134252.jpg20150408_134806.jpg

Mold test for my reverse flash pieces. As for the two cowl pieces as i said what they were but ebay purchases so no links. Buy it now prices 26 cap cowl and 34 night owl. Heat gun to reform them cuz they showed up creaaaaaaased as all hell

Here are the stages of these. $7 mold material, $20 resin mix. Results not phenominal but rubbery and bendable. Started w paper, moved to foam and cardstock, sealed n molded. Tried painting the master ear bolts. Meh. Resin casts mixed w red paint. Not bad. Good enough for my belt. Doing another pull to see if burping it yields less bubbles. I may stick w masters if the molding doesnt yield great results but it was my first attempt at molding n resin.
just a quick update I am doing another casting from my temporary mold. but I am also now open to suggestions on what i should be getting from smooth on to make a decent long term mold (50 pulls or so) and then what type of material options i should be looking at for a more solid less flexi mold material. the current resin mix i have is sticky and flopsy.

for the purposes of this build, i will continue to use the cardstock/foam symbols. but for my own reference id like to hear advice on that for casting this kinda stuff, not big 2 part mold stuff just the small things like chest symbols and belt pieces.
image.jpgFile Apr 15, 2 40 13 PM.jpegFile Apr 15, 2 40 03 PM.jpeg

Added a vinyl sleeve hoodie under the vest and plastidipped those. Gotta do the foam shoulderpads and elbow pads. Started the belt also


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OK so quick update. plastidip on vinyl...BAD idea. the fact that it peels off and u can move on to new coloring...goooooood. always start with dip first cuz if it doesnt' work u can just sponge it off. should have new updates this week.
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