Custom red ranger power morpher


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hey everyone, because i brought starlight studio's gold plates, i then had a set of plates spare off my battered morpher. they didnt too good and they hadnt been reprolablled so i decided to customise them.
i obviously stripped the paint down. primed them, painted them, then added a clear coat. and i love how they have turned out. cant wait till i recieve my red movie coin in post,gona look sweet with it. will add a pic when i get it.
please check out the video for ful step by step pics

YouTube - ‪Custom Red Power Rangers Morpher‬‏

just to tempt you ;)
Just wanted to bump this here, too. Your morphers look great. :) Out of curiosity, where did you get your buckler? Is it an original or a repro?
oh i get ya mate, its a replica made by outatime props on ebay, think i payed about £15 in total for it, its just a cheap basic one tbh but it does the job, the morpher doesnt click in or anything, it just sits there, if you want it secured you need to add velco or magnetic strips to back of morpher then to the buckle, it also doesnt attach to a belt, you will need to mod it yaself, but its a great thing to have for display, got my gold morpher in it at the mo :)
Aha, cool. I ordered one from Outatime today. I'm going to mod it to wear on a belt, and I was already thinking about using magnets to hold it in. :) Neodymium magnets seem to be my new favorite fasteners since I plan on using them instead of clasps on my helmet, too.
im never gona wear mine so it done bother me that it dont stay but yeah small thin magnet strips would work fine. wish i didnt use claps on my helmet, they didnt work too well :/
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