Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Green Ranger Props

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Figured I'd show some of the props that I've recently made, I cannot take credit for the 3d modelling work (I found them on Thingiverse), I'll link to the creators when it comes back online as it's been up and down like a yoyo recently

All of the 3d printing has been done on a CR10s

Green Ranger Dragon Dagger

I've always wanted one of these for my shelf, the old 90's one or the legacy edition but they are always a lot of money online so figured I'd give it a go myself

Thingiverse link here Power Rangers Dragon Dagger by surfinbird132

The main bulk of the dagger is in 8 separate pieces, each of the flute parts is another 3 each. Using a spring from a pen the buttons actually move up and down.

Here's the initial print as it came off the printer, I had to reprint both blades as the printer shifted and messed up some of the details.


At the moment I don't have any resin so it was a lot of sanding and priming to attempt to get rid of the build lines. Spot filled with milliput to hide some imperfections and some of the join lines, then more sanding.


I wanted to get a nice shiny finish so went full gloss with the black and then some Revell paints that I had to do the details. My paintwork is a bit of a mess but got the finish/detail I wanted after I went back over it for a third time.


Once the paint was as good as I could get it I gave it some clear coat

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Green ranger Morpher

On my shelf, I've got a 90's style Morpher that came with the original blaster and they are both slightly too small compared with the legacy editions

Again hoped on to Thingiverse (Green Power Ranger Belt Buckle by surfinbird132) and found something suitable, I used a "gold" filament that was more copper coloured when printed. The designer added some recesses in the back of the front pieces and the coin to be able to fit magnets and change the coin as and when required.


After a few passes of filler primer and sanding, the pieces got hit with some rustoleum gold metallic before adding the details


I had a white Gundam marker which made painting the lettering a lot easier than me attempting to brush it on. I used some black to weather the coin as the references I had, showed it a bit more beat up than the rest of the Morpher

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So this is currently where I am with this project. Original STL here GreenRanger Helmet by jmorrison919

I'm currently in sanding/filling hell as I'm trying to get this as smooth as possible without resorting to resin. The build lines on the top were particularly harsh so needed a lot of filling so it's needed a lot of prep



This has had 40Grit, 80 and 120 so far and filler primer. It needs to be redone all over but slowly coming together. I just need to learn some patience

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A lot more priming and sanding, I decided to spit the back open to see if I could get it on to my noodle

I added a few small magnets to the back to see if they would hold it while adding a 3d printed hinge. The issue is that, while the magnets do hold it in place, they aren't strong enough. I'll either completely replace them with stronger ones or just use the hinge and a lower latch as per the non hero versions of the helmets



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keep in mind that the hero helmets differ between the Sentai and PR versions, giving you a few more options to hold the helmet together.

both versions use a top hinge, but the PR version had external latches whereas the Sentai version has an internal pin system along with the magnets you're using, providing a clean, seamless helmet

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awesome! Ive always wanted to do replicas of the power weapons including the sword of darkness, but my preferred medium is foam and pvc because I want to be able to handle them, play with them, and maybe take them to cons. you're display is gonna ROCK dude!


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Realised I have not updated this thread in a while

I finished the green ranger helmet :)

Not a perfect finish, had an issue with the silver paint reacting with the white layer below and peeling but happy with it for now at least. I need to go back in and fix the visor any as I managed to crack it installing that too :/



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Epic, I wonder would you be willing to share the dimensions of the Power Coin and Morpher props you made? I am planning a red ranger series of builds though not sure if it will be just the morpher, coin and Power Sword. Honestly take a few details off the Dragonzord helmet and you would have the red helmet anyway. I know in Super Dental there was a deeper connection between red and green both being brothers but in PR I always kinda looked at the Dragonzord as a upgraded Trex. Even had a Transformers idea of a improved clone of Grimlock with upgrades having the Dragonzord as its alt more just because Grimlock had the alt mode of the Trex Dinozord.

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