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Here are some pics of a custom gun I am working on and am now looking for ideas for the pack. I have the top section figured out, now its a matter of getting more ideas. Take a look at the photos of the gun and if you have any sketches you can post whether it be a box, or an entire portion. Thanks
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heres what I have gotten started of the pack, after looking at the parts, Im thinking these would look better as the bottom portion of the pack. Any idea for the top? I am now thinking on taking concepts from the RGB pack...
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For the top of the pack, maybe a cyclotron like section, but make it an octagon, hexagon or even pentagon with defined corners as to set it apart from the traditional pack... The pentagon offers the option of 5 locations for lights right off the corners and gives you a shape you can rotate one corner up or down to add and exemplify the shape...
Wicked. I myself came up with a custom design for a proton pack a while back (actually, I showed it to Dietrich when he came down).
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