Custom Predator With Alien Queen Head


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i been planning this for a while now, and now i actually have the time to make it happen...
here is my progress so far!

12inch G.I.Joe fireman...
fireman helmet visor for the shoulder
satan figure for the feet(modified)
satan figure necklace

the staff weapon
old cheap paint brush for the body
tooth picks
assorted blades for both ends.
string and one of satans horns

Plasma caster
various small pieces from some game that i found
i guess its like a world of warcraft type of game...

Alien Head and Bio mask

sculpted from crayola model magic






carpe noctem

New Member
what u need? let me know .....( PS :why is there a post image on my comments? looks like my signature or banner is gone ,wtf ) yeah just checked and my signature is somehow gone!!! so i deleted it and the post image thing went away,, now i dont have a sig......
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