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The engineers, they were dying of a disease brought to them after visiting the planet Yautja and its advancing humanoid life forms, they brought to them knowledge and technology, the only reason they were not developing as fast was due to their primitive vision. In some ways it was a blessing to see in infrared and other a handicap. They could not see colors and dimensions as well unless a device was designed to enhance their visual dimensions and variations of temperature. They were very snake like with that ability. They evolved from a limbed serpent with opposable mandibles eventually they began to hop and walk and climb and developed a way of communication so they could hunt in small groups instead of singularly. The engineers helped them along in their evolution and saw them as nothing less of an equal equivalent to a child or baby that a mother had nursed and taught. But along with their continued involvement with the Yautja a mutated strain of a fungal disease that rotted the skin but decided to attack the brain. The Yautja were immune to it due to their high copper content in their blood which repelled the fungus. The engineers couldn't develop a cure as fast as it spread through their population, the engineers took salvation on a far away planet in the far ends of the Milky Way galaxy where a blue planet was developing, a vast ocean and a rocky muddy continent dwelled. They began to bring Protista to the planet where plants and animals began to grow in the ocean and the muddy continent bloomed with oceans of green. As life grew on the planet the engineers began developing a cure on a dead planet far away from the sick people and the new earth. They discovered a way to mutate themselves so that the fungus and any other infections couldn't attack them, so they returned to earth and planted a pre-engineer (ancestor to monkeys and apes and human) And waited. The longer they visited the planet and interbred with them, furthering the creatures intelligence and its appearance. Increasing the speed of its evolution into an engineer, so the engineers tried their immunity cocktail, to see if it worked. But alas it only killed the engineer. The engineers in the dead planet prepared to leave for earth, but their bio weapon got out and killed them all. The premature engineers on earth continued to evolve. And the Yautja began to develope new weapons and followed the engineers directions to earth, they found the pre engineers and felt the deep internal ache for their engineers decided to further help their children. The hish despised the humans and decided to form their own clan and leave the loving arms of their brethren. The Yautja found a way to travel to the future, filling the engineers directions and traveled to the dead planet, they found evidence of human and engineer interaction but the engineers were dead, how could they be here, they also found the xenomorph queen and took her children from the planet, after ferociously fighting off her offspring. They discussed what to do, finding that the xenomorphs were a good opponent. They traveled back to the present time and brought upon them the young queen to earth, to breed the humans with the xenomorphs, so they could hunt them, returning every hundred years with their un blooded young, to hunt the xenomorphs. A series of wars on other planets also occured called the "kill rage wars" Until a distinguishable human named Weyland took in interest in the heat signature made by the temple when theYautja turned on the alien queens chambers to reproduce young.
The humans interrupted the Yautja's plans and they were forced to kill the queen and the leader ended up dying, after marking a female human with the symbol of his clan and she was givin a spear as a sign of equality and honor.
Later a xenomorphs plunged from the dead Yautj's chest and was dubbed a xenomorphs hybrid and returned to earth using it strange ways to reproduce and murder an entire town where a Yautja returned to earth attempting to put the creature down before it decimated the planet, the humans need up nuking the town anyway and the Yautja's weapons were recovered, he had an apprentice plasma caster revealing he once had or has an apprentice that we have not seen. The hish who had been developing their own culture and society took a group of humans to a planet that we can only assume is Yautja Prime that managed to kill all three hish and spoke to a human who was living on the planet and were givin insight ingot he blood feud between the hish and the Yautja. Only two survived and they developed a bind with the Yautja that was strung up on a hunters totem by saving him. They began searching the planet for any means of leaving. The Weyland corporation developed many synthetic humans and technical weapons and spaceships and other beneficial tools used by humans like cryo-sleep chambers and archaeological tools, that later on pushed humans to the discovery of directions from the engineers to the dead planet where they came in contact with the so-called "cure." the Yautja had begun systematically giving the humans evolves weaponry after the events in the antarctic to the Weyland coorporation. David the synthetic human discovered a life form coming from the vases containing the "cure" and the humans found an engineers head where they re animated his cells so his head exploded. David infected one of the humans with the goo and it didn't kill him immediately it was much slower to kill him then the engineers, but it did give him enough time to mate with another human and mixing their bodily fluids she absorbed his mutated DNA and contracted a xenomorphic fetus inside of her, "the first face hugger" where she eventually took it out and left it in the dissecting room. Later David found a live engineer, and he and mr. Weyland who was not dead (we can assume that the original Weyland had found a way to duplicate himself but not keep himself from dying as that was mr. Weyland reason for being their "to not die". The engineer killed Mr. Weyland and all other humans in the room besides Shaw and David later the Engineer was killed by the large squid like face hugger and impregnated with a xenomorphic ancestor as shaw and David leave in Search of the engineer planet. Many years pass and Ripley and her friends land on the dead planet known as LV-426 when their ship detects a transmission. They find the queen and her offspring as the aliens decimate her crew she leaves the planet, blowing up her ship and staying in cryo-stasis until she is found nearly 60 years later and she returns to the planet where humans have begun too colonize and xenomorphs attacked and killed and interbred with the humans. Ripley leaves with her lover and newt and bishop the synthetic human, where they enter cryo sleep but the ship catches on fire and deploys their cryo stasis pod and they crash land in a men's prison where hicks and newt die, bishop tells Ripley that their was a face hugger in the ship and Ripley tries to kill the xenomorph that terrorizes the prison, she finds out she has a queen xenomorph living inside her body and as it errupts a she dives into a vat of lava and fire to her death, later 2 almost 300 years into the future the government scientist extract her DNA and grow a clone of Ripley and the alien embryo where everything goes wrong she is connected to the aliens and the queen xenomorph is givin a human reproductive system and it produces a xenomorph human hybrid that kills the queen and comes to Ripley's side as her baby and she later kills it even though she part loves it. They crash the scientific space station into earth and Ripley and her friends return to earth. This is where we are in the present timeline, Yautja have made amends with the human race in return for help to kill the hish. The reason behind the government begging for the xenomorphs. The Yautja could use them in the impending war between them and the hish. The Yautja and humans began breeding with the intent of blending the bloodlines into a new creature even more stronger than the hish, but they were wrong about the strength in the hybrids, they decided to blend with the xenomorphs to further elevate their status as a strong killing machine. Shaw and David found the engineer planet, completely extinct from the disease. Their technology and a message left to the humans and Yautja to join up so their immunities would be greatly heightened and their lives greatly extended. They warned of the strength of the xenomorphs, that the only thing toget ridof them was to incorporate their characteristics with their own and blow up all extra planets. The engineers planet would cater to everyone needs and give peace to them. The technology on the engineer planet was quadruple the technology found anywhere else in the universe, also giving further instruction to enhance its technology int he future. Shaw returns to earth with the information but finds her old life nearly 500 years in the past is gone and is disgusted with the new hybrids and tries to reason with the great council of the bloods. The humans have taken on the Yautja ideals and so have a very different society. With the help of new biomedical advancements the Yautja have been given the ability of human sight and can now see in color. Their bio asks greatly elevated as well still show them how to see their natural way and greatly appreciated for hunting and warrior purposes. Shaw and David plead, the council of the bloods agrees to return to the engineer planet as they are deeply touched by the thought of their ancestral friends. The hish are genocidally killed using engineer technology. The hybrids and the "pures" have many issues 100 years later, but a select few people (a universal term for advanced humanoid life forms) kill off the correct purists and separatists and put the Yautja code back into the political stage bring back the equality that once held the people together. Humans and Yautja agreed to not breed anymore unnatural creatures "xenomorphs" and to equalize hybrids as normal people not just weapons and outcasts.
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