Custom Plaque for my X-Wings

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Watson, May 10, 2006.

  1. Watson

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    Shipping an X-Wing out in the next few days and I had some custom plaques made by our very own wynnstudio. Thanks to Tom they turned out great and were really affordable. From concept to having them in my hands was four days and that was over a weekend.

  2. superjedi

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    I just placed an order with that same vendor for 3 custom plaques. As long as they turn out like the proofs he sent me, I'll be veeeeery happy.
  3. Less than Super Ostrich

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    can you point me in the direction of wynn studio? they look great.
  4. KevVader

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    Yup...Wynn Studios is great. :thumbsup I have an order in for a plaque and new custom stand for one of my Vader helmets. Gonna have to order a few more for other items as well....
  5. Talisen

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