Custom Decals for AMT/ERTL Snowspeeder or Millennium Falcon


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Hi everyone!
I have a question to respectable members of this forum.
Since this is technically my first post, please follow this link to read a bit about me if you are interested :rolleyes

I am currently building AMT/ERTL Snowspeeder and when I finish it, my next build will be AMT/ERTL Millennium Falcon.

I was looking for a while for custom decals for these two models and can't seem to find anything.
Based on this thread:
it is not good to go for JBot decals as I might wait for the next few years to receive them or quality might be inappropriate. I also sent email to JT Graphics but have been told that they don't have decals for any of those models.:cry
I was also thinking about making my own, but before I go for that, I was wondering if there is anyone else who offers custom decals.
I would very much appreciate if someone could give me an advice on that. Many thanks!
Hey Gus, not sure where to get them, but I suggest you make your own. Should be cheaper & you'll enjoy the fact that YOU made it yourself.
Aside from the occasional offerings on Starship Modeler you'll be better off making your own as tek2 suggested.
The only down side is regular printers don't print in white so if you need something in white or a light color you would have to use white decal paper or paint the intended areas white before applying the decals.
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