Custom Dark Jedi Costume For Fanfilm


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well, after changing my mind about a hundred times on the details, I've finally finished and taken pics of my custom dark Jedi. This will be worn by me if/when we make it out of pre-production on our fanfilm and get to the actual filming (hopefully this spring/summer), but for now it's being modeled by my lovely assistant: Headless Bill.

The material that I bought for the red outer tunic met only two of my three criteria for costuming material (texture, cost and color), so it's a bit stiff. I'll be beating the crap out of it over the next week or two to loosen it up. ;) The Inner most layer is a black under armor mock turtle neck and the grey inner tunic is just a dickey. The vest was actually stolen from my Luke ROTJ costume, because I've always loved the design and my original idea didn't work out the way I wanted it too.

Depending on how I feel when it comes to filming a certain scene in our fan film, I may add this lovely mantled cloak for dramatic effect (I might throw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out first . . . probably not, though ;))

The boots you may have seen me mention in my rivet thread a couple of weeks ago. I made a vinyl upper and glued/riveted it to an all black Converse All-Star (sacrilege, I know, but they're a little too narrow for everyday use). The straps are a wide, black elastic that I found with the belt-making supplies at the fabric store.

Accessorize. These are my butt-kicking weight lifting gloves that I got at Dick's Sporting Goods. I haven't decided how to cover the swoosh, but it'll probably just involve black tape.

And of course, no Jedi (fallen or otherwise) is complete without his saber. It's a very basic design with no frills to get in the way while fighting. It started life as a long chrome sink pipe which I sanded down to the brass and a piece of PVC pipe that I dremeled beyond recognition and plasti-dipped (although I regret it - I'm still considering taking it apart and stripping the plasti-dip off so I can paint it instead). It's simple, but's balanced well and fun to fight with.

Hope you like. :D

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that I will, in fact, be wearing pants even though they aren't shown. They're just basic black drawsting pants with elastic around the cuffs to keep them from riding up in the boots.


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Originally posted by DarkLordVader@Mar 29 2006, 09:07 AM
Very cool. Nice job on everything. The boots are pretty basic but cool :)
Thanks. :)

My main thing with the boots was to be able to fight well in them. I'm very picky about footwear when it come to stage combat, and chuck taylors have always been my favorites, next to being barefoot.

They're also kind of a working prototype for when I get around to making my Luke ESB costume - naturally, there are plenty of differences, but I think the overall pattern would work well for those.


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I fiddled with the pics a bit to bring out the details - hopefully it's a little easier to see what's actually going now.


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Originally posted by Qui-Gonzalez@Mar 29 2006, 04:38 PM
Screw the black tape. Just take an exacto and cut the embroidery out.
I thought about that, but I worried that silhouette would be too obvious. I guess not any more obvious that the tape, though . . .

*wonders off to find something sharp*


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Originally posted by Qui-Gonzalez@Mar 30 2006, 09:00 AM
Nah, if they are brand new the blacks should be identical both around and under the embroidery.
Well, they're actually a year or two old, and they've seen quite a bit of use as fighting gloves and weight lifting gloves, so I doubt that it would be completely invisible. Still though, it probably wouldn't show up on camera as well as the tape would.

I've got a class tonight, so I won't get a chance to fool with them, but maybe this weekend.