Current TDK Armor Options as of 10/17?


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Hello all!

Trying to help a friend source armor for a possible TDK build and not having a lot of luck. BESIDES Gotham City FX and UD Replicas, are there any other options for TDK armor right now? I can't find Hell's Kitchen/Custom Replicas on Facebook to ask Kris, Applied Sciences doesn't seem to be in any hurry to finish his, and I haven't found anyone else who definitely makes it. GCFX doesn't seem too bad, but something is "off" with the chest piece, which is turning us entirely off of that kit. The build list as it currently stands is as follows:

Cowl: Coofunkcurly
Armor: Unsure
Cape: Coofunkcurly (I believe he still has a couple)
Boots: UD Replicas
Gloves: UD Replicas
Gauntlets: Unsure (does anyone make a nice set separately from armor kits?)
Undersuit: Unsure (haven't been able to find a specific one)
Belt: I know there are several makers of this that make a nice kit, which is the preferred?

Thanks for your help!


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im in the same stage as you my friend.
i think i will be going for GCFX for the armour kit. i will try to fix that chest myself because your right, i dont believe that is really spot on. as for the carbon inserts. i will try to redo those as well.
the undersuit and cape i will have my tailor make it.

i am trying to make my own gauntlets and maybe do some molds and castings. if not i will go for gallacmic's (make it mike). hes on youtube and he offers them for 149 usd.


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100 percent no. There is absolutely noone making it other than the UD or GCFX.
Sorry but that is the way it is now.


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I see Applied Sciences has some old chest pieces for sale, they do not have carbon fiber inserts. Would carbon fiber inserts from GCFX fit into one of those Applied Sciences chest pieces?


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I think you would find that the answer is no. Speaking from personal experience GCFX don't make individual CF inserts. The armour segment is cast as one piece and the CF pattern is incorparated onto the surface of the armour in the appropriate spot. I suspect that the ASD armour is also cast as one piece as well but without the application of a CF pattern. You may be able to stick a vinyl carbon fibre patterned wrap over surface of the ASD armour.

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Correct, not much out there. Sources I contacted said the demand isn;t there to warrant remaking molds or casting again.

That's why I went UD Replicas


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Could an interest thread be started up?
Ive heard of a few guys recently asking about it.

Maybe it could let anyone who is capable of making TDK armor know if it is worth taking the project on?