Cuberman foam build courtesy of wondersquid


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Hi everyone.

This is my first attempt at a foam build so hoping it is going to pan out OK.

I have chosen to use the brilliant patterns drawn up by wondersquid a few years ago for the 2006 Lumic styled cyberman.

Having just completed the head section I thought I should start a thread and post some progress pics. I have had to make a couple of modifications to allow for both my skill level (!) and also the fact that I am using a slightly thinner foam than the original build. Overall, I am relatively happy with the progress of the head so far.

About to start moving onto the chest section next so we will see how that goes! Any feedback on my novice sculpting, or words of encouragement, gratefully received! - Mark


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And yes, I'm sorry for the typo in the subject line - can't seem to edit that now it is posted!!


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Looks like a crisp build. Just wondering if the top bars need to be about 5 or 6 mm shorter to make the side bars parallel? Regards, Phil.


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Hi Phil.

Thanks. The answer to that is yes, and indeed no. When it sits on the table they are pretty parallel but it is tending to pull in slightly at the bottom at the moment when it is worn. I am slightly reticent to trim any more at this stage (I have shortened them once!) as I need to wait and see what happens when they sections come together later on. If necessary I may well revisit it then.