Cpt. America shield


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I know this was discused along time ago..but I couldn't get anything to come up on the search.....I would like to make a captain america shield, but kinda need a shield..or disk or something to start with....I think people where using some kind of snow sleding disk? or something..any ideas to get me started...please....


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I am by no means an expert on Captain America and have never done a sled-to-shield conversion. But check this out:

Uncle Joe's Mountain Boy Sledworks

Item Number 630566, Model Number 826

"New Steel Model - Now Available...

26", Flexible Flyer Red Steel Saucer With Handles.
Weight 6 Lb. Ea. Or 36 Lb./6..."

On sale for $34.95.

Could this work as a starting point?


{EDIT} Added price info.