Costume Retrospective RS13

The Clone Emperor

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An image to share from last weekend;

This represents many hours of my costume work.

I am a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I am also a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I love how that works out.

Photo/costume change marathon; With my friend Nathaniel Fremont behind the lens and four hours of daylight, we shot each these costumes, one after the other, in my backyard, even as the weather turned. (Note the rain drops on some of the suits.)

Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg
Darth Bane
The Clone Emperor
Prince Xizor

It has been a long, wonderful, learning experience. And I intend to go much further.
Thomas - I met you as the Clone Emperor at a Celebration costume contest many years ago. It has been a pleasure to watch all your selves evolve.

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