Correcting the Lunar Models 41" Excelsior

That would have to be up to the guy that is rendering the CAD work. We are collaborating on these parts where I provide most of the references, and the final results from back n forth teamwork are up to me, but he is doing all the computer stuff.

He sells some of these works rescaled for the AMT/R2 Excelsior kit (with my full support) - as well as other Trek parts on Shapeways.

Guess that is Bob's Starship Shop then, as I've got all his Excelsior parts thus far in both the smaller and larger sizes. I'll have to reach out to him again to see if he'll add these new parts to his Shapeways shop, thanks.
Discovered the top saucer profile is wrong, so...

Removing the incorrect dome shape...

View attachment 1353795

View attachment 1354023

Removing the excess to reduce the dome down to the proper diameter...

View attachment 1353796

1mm sheet styrene cemented to the base of the dome to rise it back up for a proper profile...

View attachment 1353797

A hole is cut into the new base so resin can be poured in for support...

View attachment 1353798

The resin is poured in increments, then slosh-cast to make sure it goes into all the nooks-n-crannies...

View attachment 1353799

After all the resin is poured in, I taped up the hole so I could hand roto-casted it to make sure all the inner surfaces get a good layer of resin. Before the resin cooked off, I clamped the dome down to a flat surface to ensure the dome didn't warp from the heat of the curing resin inside. At the top of the last image, there is the saucer's profile traced from ILM plans scaled to my project. I will be making a screed blade from that to level out the domes surface.


Pictures of that progress to come...

View attachment 1353800
Nice use of trammels!
Sorry for the absence.

1/100 scale 707, and a 1/32 scale F-16XL have taken over my attention lately.

That dome was never discarded. Once the corrected lip profile was added, the dome went back on. That's when a screed blade was made from a scaled image of the saucers profile. Layering of fillers were then applied to bring up the profile to where it is now.

All the 3D work is pretty much finished - Thanks to Bob's hard work and letting me drive him nuts with the back-n-forth on the minutia. The only scratch building left to do is the Warp nacelle pylons.


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