Correcting the Lunar Models 41" Excelsior

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I have started a big project regarding correcting everything that is wrong with the Lunar Models Excelsior. It will all be done by hand because I don't have the computer skills, nor the equipment to 3D map parts, and print/grow them.

I am using scaled up images of the actual NX version of the studio miniature as a guide to correct the kit. These corrections will be made into new masters so I can vacuform new parts in clear to light the model.

I have mostly completed correcting the primary hull superstructure and the top half of the saucer. The bottom half of the saucer is still in-the-works of implementing the trenched details.

The top masters checking test fit.

The bottom fitted with the main trench. The neck trench is next.

The secondary hull had to be resized and the bow reshaped to match the studio model. At this scale the LM secondary hull was too long by 2.5". Here the finished master is checked to scaled images of the studio model.

Completely scratch built smaller sections are replacing badly inaccurate parts from the kit, such as the Planetary Sensor Dome. part compared to the new master.

The first test on the right vs the final version of the Sensor dome on the left.

A slide show showing much more detail to many of the sub-assemblies, some of which have been abandoned and done over with better ideas and techniques.
Large Excelsior Slideshow by Tracy_Mann | Photobucket

I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I do building it.

Amazing work! The LM kit is pretty bad, but at least its a good starting point. Cant wait to see more.

WOW your an inspiration i love to watch someone use real talent and use a 3D mind to turn everyday items or flat pieces of plastic into a thing of beauty! The detail is amazing just watched your slide show i just wish i had one myself now :)
Cant wait to see how she comes out!
Brilliant work! I was always tempted by a LM Excelsior but thought it would be too big a project to undertake to make it accurate, you are doing a superb job!
Thnx so much for the kind comments! As soon as I get done with a friend's 1/32 scale A-7E Corsair, I'll get back to work on it. With the primary and secondary hulls now in proportion to one another, next will be to fix the nacelles. They are 1.5" too short! A technique used to modify airliner fuselage's to a "stretched" version will be used to fix the problem.

Since the Excelsior's nacelles were never lit on the physical studio model, I am still deciding if I am going to light them or not. CGI effects were used to light Excelsior class nacelles in a variety of ways between DS9 episodes and the one Voyager episode re-enacting Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. In that regard, there is no consistency on how to light them. Some had just the top structure lit (DS9), while others had the grill detail lit (Voyager). I'm still leaning towards staying true to the studio miniature.

Personally, I've never liked the lit nacelles on the Excelsior as I always prefered them in black. Some blue would have been ice, but they were a bit obnoxious in how they were finally lit. Excellent work as always Tracy!
Personally, I've never liked the lit nacelles on the Excelsior as I always prefered them in black. Some blue would have been ice, but they were a bit obnoxious in how they were finally lit. Excellent work as always Tracy!
I'm in the same camp as you, i don't like the nacelles lit up on Excelsior,
black is so much classier!

I also hated how tv shows would show various classes of ship with both inboard and outboard grille sections lit up....YUK.

Lol, yeah, they are, but to the uninitiated, they're basically black. :pI was just pointing out that the lighted grilles on tv shows look hideous....compared to the movie nacelles.

The nacelle grills, dorsal assembly, and the base of the warp pylon blister assembly will be laser cut, or hand cut styrene depending on how deep my pockets are at the time. I will be painting them a dark metallic gray/gun metal.

The tops of the nacelles however are light blueish-gray with medium gray strips (one on each side). The light blue is what I was "thinking" about lighting. Images of the studio model nacelles in several shots here.;512;335

OK, I saw some images on line of Excelsior models with lit nacelles and it made my mind up. This doesn't look right AT ALL!!! I will NOT be lighting the nacelles.

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If I recall the original Excelsior model did not have lit nacelles.
It was the second model they built by Greg Jein (a 41" model) that did it with lit nacelles, and it was on the voyager episode... and it wasn't correct
Good call on the Nacelles! I'm curious, at 41" what would the scale be for this ship? There seems to be some inconsistancy as to exact size of this ship between the movies and the various tv shows it was in. Kinda like the Klingon BOP haha.
You're a brave man - I tried a few years ago (ST-VI version) and got this far

Excelsior kit

significant weight reduction in the nacelles was going to be required as well as reinforcing the top deck of the secondary hull to support the weight. I tried 6mm acrylic and that was still too bendy. 6mm Aluminium would have worked though.

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