CONSTANTINE: Holy Shotgun: Revisited


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Where the hell did the original Holy Shotgun thread go? Mods, please merge if need be. I just wanted to show my version of the licensened version. Man, this was a pain in the ass. MUCH weathering went into this...



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You woulnd't happen to have any better pictures would you? I'd like to see how shiny yours is


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not sure about the others, but mine is one solid piece. I will have another one here on monday that i will attempt to modify into having removable parts such as the drum and the flash light.
Attempt being the Key word here.


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I just got mine in the post, got it from a great Ebay seller who chopped off the base for me and just sent the gun. Saved a fortune on shipping - total cost £54($95)..
Just some fingers and bits of wire to remove, then its repaint time.




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I wonder if any of you shotgun replica owners would be able to make a resin kit of this prop... That would be sweet. I'd love to get my hands on a resin cast that I could totally modify from the ground up.


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You prolly would, but that wouldnt be too difficult to put back on yourself afterwards. Plus, with all the money you'd save, it'd be worth the effort.


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I am fairly new to this forum and i have looked around at the holy shotgun threads and post.I would lke to give my holy shotgun a brass aged look with the drum aged too.What is the best method to repaint and age it?
I am going to this steampunk event near me as a steampunk John Constantine.


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I guess without taking it completely apart I would just spray it with black automotive primer and then just rub-and-buff a brass finish over that. If you do it carefully enough you should be able to highlight the engraved lettering detail. Maybe buff the drum a steel color for contrast? A nice dark Constantine shotgun could look interesting.

I'd love to see pics when you're done. :thumbsup