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Anyone have any Condorman goodies?

A friend of mine loved the film as a kid and I'd lilke to hook him up with something.

Another one from the 'So bad, its good' vault.
I always wanted a model of the CondorCar - I adored that design until I saw the car it was based on and loved the original more -


The Nova (or Sterling) KitCar was also once considered for the Batmobile and its easy to see why.
In the abscence of any good Condorman memorabilia I'd suggest going on our favorite auction site and entering 'Nova KitCar' and obtaining a sales brochure for the car as it has nice pics and would make a nice offbeat gift...
I LOVED Condorman as a kid, even drew up schematics to build unfolding wings as a kid. I am sure that drawing still exists, one day it will resurface.

I haven´t seen anyone do any props from that movie or seen original movie props of it. maybe there´s still something in the disney vault.
I'd have to go back and watch this movie again (which I would do gladly if I had a copy of it) just to remember what fun little props you could make. My only suggestion for right now is figure out how to make a Flaming Istanbul and take him out to a bar. Just remember to drink it then point your head in a safe direction so you dont burn anyone when the flames shoot from your mouth. :eek:wacko:love
Having never heard of this film until 2 minutes ago I have to say I was intrigued, then I saw what I can only describe as The Vulture from Spiderman on crack with Frank Spencer and I think I really have to watch this film now.

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What a wicked film! Thanks for the reminder! Used to love this movie as a kid. If I remember correctly I think I tried to go as him to a fancy dress party when I was six. Going to show the movie to my kids tomorrow.
I used to have a Nova.
It was horrible.
Take a slow 30 year old car and put a glassfibre body on it which is so thick it weighs more than the original body.
Add wide tyres and wheels which the steering is not set up for and a dash so long you have next to no forward visibility.

It was still a head turner though.

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