Colin Cantwell Pirate Ship Research Thread.


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I don't think we have a dedicated thread for this, but am hoping Jason will append his pics from his TX trip here.

Thanks to our friends at Rebelscum, a great pic from Ralph McQuarrie's collection on display at C-V



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Hey Darth Myeek. I joined the forum more or less because of this post. That model has been obsessing me for years now, ever since I spotted a tiny photo of it in From Star Wars to Indiana Jones.

I've made several attempts to model it over the years. this is my most recent attempt, based on many photos of it that cropped up after it appeared at the 30 years of Star Wars Celebration.


I would love to make this model more accurate, the engine block is baffling.


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Welcome SSK! Very cool.

Moffeaton posted some great pics from his trip to TX of this bird. Maybe he'll repost them here. Looks like Colin was a big fan of threaded rod, and washers used for lighting.

Keep it up!


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Thanks Myeek!

Here's some links to the photos I've found on flickr

Millenium Falcon concept model | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
ColinCantwellPrototypes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
DSC01435 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
DSC01410 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Han's Original Ride | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

anyone plan to make a replica of this one? I'm thinking of making an all new model using sketchups photomatch tools to make a very accurate version. would anyone be interested in using that eventual model as a template for a real copy?

my other dream is to make renders, for fun, of this ship posing in scenes from ANH. a sort of what-might-have-been series. sitting in docking bay 94 being called 'a peice of junk', being tractor-beamed into the death star, maybe fighting some colin cantwell prototype Tie-Fighters, etc.

I keep running into your pics of that earlier prototype Moffeaton, thanks for taking those!


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the internet is silent on the subject, though I imagine he must be, he looked like he was in high school in all the production photos I've seen him in. His work credits are cut ominously short in the early eighties though, according to imdb...


for those with sketchup, I thought I'd post a link to my model. After all, the reason I made the model in the first place was so I could look at it up close.
Prototype Millennium Falcon by stince - Google 3D Warehouse


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Here are some of my pics of the model when it was on display at CIV

It is also refered to as "Linear Falcon II"


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sweet, thanks seven. I didn't know what it was called, besides the mouthful "Discarded Colin Cantwell Pre-Production Prototype Millennium Falcon"...
Linear Falcon II is immeasurably better.


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well, so the biggest chunk of the engine area that I've been wondering about is highlighted in these pictures. this seems to be one piece of something. They are two of them side by side and make up most of the engine area, making it asymmetrical in weird ways.

any clues?

Boba Flint

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Any ideas as to what this part is? I know this is the Stardestroyer but it runs along the top and bottom of the proto falcon.


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found lots of images of the CB750 engine, and I agree that it's the same part. I found a cg model that's fairly detailed, and I'm contemplating doing some virtual kitbashing. I've noticed that a lot of other parts used for the engine block section are also to be found on this engine.

here are the bare bones of my newest photo-match model.


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rough blue prints of the bare structure, these are based on the photomatch, so they should be fairly accurate. Some discrepancies have occurred mainly with the back end engine platform due to focal length distortion of the photographs. I tried to average it out a bit, but every photo gives me different dimension in that area...
also I have no idea what the scale is. Does anyone happen to know if there's been a plaque telling the dimensions?
I seem to recall that From Star Wars to Indiana Jones lists prop dimensions next to each photo. There is a couple pictures in there that might have the numbers, but my copy is out on loan....

let me know if there are any areas you want to see a detail of.

as a tangential bonus, I found a page in the amazon preview from the book I mentioned that gives the dimensions of the Cantwell Star Destroyer often seen with the linear falcon as:
45cm x 67cm x 27cm

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