Colin Cantwell Pirate Ship Research Thread.


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a nice top view I found (J.W. Rinzler, The Making of Star Wars, 2007, page 43)

I tried to photo match it, but yet again it doesn't agree... I must be doing something wrong... Flint, thanks for the dimensions hint, very helpful.

over all length seems to be between 42" and 45" inches.
width between 11" and 12"


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001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

Dusting this one off. actually starting from scratch. A bunch of the engine parts I'm building from photomatches of real kits, like the 1:3 Minicraft 750 Honda Engine. If anyone has any other ideas about kit parts, I'd love to hear about them.


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thanks guys! glad you're still watching this thread.

I'm working on the turrets now. Got any ideas what the bases of the lasers could be?

example1.JPG example2.JPG

also here's another update. the basic laser placements, a rough cockpit, and a ramp I just noticed on the original model.
linfalc1.jpg linfalc2.jpg linfalc3.jpg


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Alright! I just ID'ed a kit part! First time ever for me, super proud of myself.

the kit is the Revell 1/48 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft


the back of the lander in the lower right hand corner is a part on the engine deck (red arrow below)



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So, the main plate of the gun is from the Revell Mercury/Gemini kit. Its the interior/seat of the Gemini ship (I believe I've got that correct). You'll find some Lindberg "Blue Devil' part on the gun as well.



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wow I did not realize this, but according to the second entry in this thread, the Cantwell Pirate Ship is actually what brought me to this forum in 2010... well... here we go again!

all new, and freshly hyper-accurate in the form of precisely modeled donor parts and new photomatches.
(cockpit in this render is WIP but the rest is all squared away.) Working on this in collaboration, so the details are hush hush, but I'm really enjoying the way this thing is turning out.



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