Cobra Bio Design - See Page 2 - More Images Added For V2 17/11/2011

Double H

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Hello guys and gals,

I have been working on a new bio design concept working around the P1 structure but I have managed to come up with a few ideas and have narrowed it down to two design that I quite like. They are both relatively the same overall but one mask has one idea or difference that the other hasn't got (this will make sense when you see the pictures). I was going to make a poll on this but I forgot how its done so I will let your feedback be my guide. Heres the pics

Cobra Bio - Design 1 front


This design has a broken fang on one side. I wasn't sure if that was good or not.

Cobra Bio- Design 1 side


This design is the same but has the fangs intact.

Cobra Bio Design 2 - Front


This has the longer fangs further back in the cheek area

Cobra Bio Design 2 - angled


This design has the longer fangs closer to the snout. This one is my personal favourite

All designs have the cheek bone area under the eyes slightly widened a shaped and the brow area above the eyes has also been altered.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for looking

Double H
This looks an awful lot like Golden Hybrids design.

Great minds think alike?

Really? I knew he designed a couple but I didn't know he designed one of the same idea lol

Indeed great minds, will have to contact GoldenHybrid to see whether the design should be scrapt as his design was drawn first. Thanks for the notification fella.
I did think that but I have PM'd GoldenHybrid on this so to see what his views are. Will suggest collaboration lol thanks.

What are your views on the other design then lol whats your fav?
I really thought that the first viper bio was beyond cool. If you ever get that from concept to prototype I would love to see some pic on that. Great job keep it up.

Thanks man, will be working on a prototype once the designs have been finalized so keep an eye out. Oh, and noticed this was your first post so may I be the first to say thank you for christening my thread with your first post and welcome to the Lair.
I like the second one best and I think you should definitely make that one. More snake-y. Although the first one is a bit more demonic, maybe make that one and make it red? Demon Predator!
Last one, more snake-like and maybe have it black with shade of green. Or just dark green so that it looks black but shows tint of green in light.
I like the second one best and I think you should definitely make that one. More snake-y. Although the first one is a bit more demonic, maybe make that one and make it red? Demon Predator!

Funny enough I was going to make a couple of the same a paint them differently lol I was going to do one a burnt orange blended with tanned red and black tones on a base coat of gold lol

The other was going to be a standard metal silver with battle damaged lol

Indeed I have lol with a lil from Usurper lol

After a couple more hours doodling and adding to bits, I have come up with a final (ish) design for Cobra Design 2




I have added the scratches done the eyes as a form of battle damage, altered the nostrils on the snout to a kind of inbedded airhose kind of feel, colour in the details on the thin area and moved the lower longer fangs back a little - to remove them from the snout.

I was thinking of adapting the brow line but wasn't sure how it would turn out. I was also thinking of adding in the word 'Cobra' in the pred graphics down one side of the scalpt area next to the thins.

I have will be working on design 1 later on (aka tomorrow) and see what I can improve on.

Thanks for looking guys and gals
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I have spoken to GoldenHybrid about the first design which conflicted with a design that he had recently posted (before mine) and I have his permission to use the design as long as it is not so similar to his original. So, I have been tweaking Cobra Bio V2 to try and remove it from GoldenHybrid's design (either that or I will scrap it altogether) and make it more 'snake' like or 'cobra' like if you will and this is what I have come up with.





Again, this can be re-tweak and ideas from both designs can be mixed and matched.

Let me know what you guys think


Double H
Now you've tweaked it I actually like the one with the bigger tusks better, lol.

Ah hell, just make both of them! They're both great!
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