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I work with with a company that builds sets for Theater, shows and exhibitions. A few months back they picked up this bohemath to speed things up and produce more intimate items.

I am not computer inclined in any way and so ask for the assistance of the the RPFers who are.

We want to test it properly on detail and I would like to start with Destiny props (just because they look cool) but don't know how to draw 3d files or where to get them from.

If anyone knows this it would help out greatly. I enclosed a pic of everything the machine can open. It's a three axis machine and we relise items will have to be made in parts but once they are made I will clean them up, and cast them so the posabilitys are almost endless.

Hope someone can help.

image.jpg image.jpg


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it looks like it can mill 2D and maybe 2.5D,
and for the 2D part you only need to draw lines, that is the path of the milling bit,
I don't know if the software accounts for milling bit diameter offset, or you will have to draw these lines yourself.
and most of the time I export to DXF file.

I usually draw every line in one layer, and the offset in a different (color) layer, so there is a clear difference what the machine must use,
you can start with a simple square, and see what it does, don't do too complex drawings at once :)

is there a manual for the software ?


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Looks like you have Cut3d? In that case it will be super easy.

You can grab a 3D file off of a place like and load it in. Remember you'll only be able to mill half at a time, and any undercuts will turn into straight vertical lines. Cut3d will show you in real time what it will look like and you can make adjustments as required.

Once you have the G-code generated, you'll load it into your CNC control software, I'm guessing Mach3 but could be any number of things.

Crispy Props

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Thanks for the fast replays. We have cut 3d (the cockerel in the second pic) we flipped the material half way through and that was the end result.

I found some 3d work on thingiverse but my computer's graphic card doesn't seem to support it.

I tried tf3dm but nothing was quite what we are looking for.

I will see what they say about trying on different items and let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again


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I betcha nothing if you look through the setup disks and other material that came from Piranha there will be some test models in there already set up for you.

Hey...according to the Piranha website, they offer on-site training, and one year tech support, as part of their installation package.
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