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I know the house used for the outside shots burned down a number of years ago, and that the interiors were done via sets. Does anyone know if there are any props from that movie around or in a collection anywhere? I'd love to see one, or heaven forbid, actually own one...
Being a Paramount picture the furniture was all theirs. The large red throne chairs in the entry way, best seen at the resolution sequences at the end, were from the old RKO hoard and were used in CITIZEN KANE and later STAR TREK:TOS. A member here owns the one used there.

That's pretty cool info! I'd love to know if anyone has id'ed the actual murder weapons. I would love to buy copies if they are simple enough to get.

I know the rope should be easy enough to duplicate. :)
I think the prop to own from the movie would be Yvette the maid. I'll give the movie another look for more reasonable items.
Had no idea there was a firearm movie database. I just lost 2 hours... :lol

Anyone know about the knife or candlestick?
The knife is an old WWII British Commando Knife.

The candlestick is an antique "Diamond Princess" candlestick. Diamonds Candlesticks

Here's a pic of my Clue weapon collection:
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Love the collection. Crap I priced some of the items and geesh. do you have good alternate/resin replica sites for these?
It is indeed a very expensive collection!

A replica of the knife can be bought here:]PAKISTAN KNIVES Commando Knife 11 1/4" Overall Matte Finish Brass

The rope and pipe can be bought at any hardware store (the pipe isn't really made from lead these days).

The wrench is an antique pipe/monkey wrench I got on Ebay. There are lots of them up for sale but the trick is finding the one used in the movie. There are a bunch with wood handles that look like the right one but the one they used is solid metal.
Like this:]Metal Handled 12 Inch Monkey Nut Wrench Stamped Intermediate

The candlestick, unfortunately, doesn't have any replicas that I am aware of. I found a set of two at an estate sale. They had no idea what they had but I did! I kept one and sold the other to another person who was looking to collect the Clue weapons. They are antiques so its hard to find them cheap. Keep searching ebay and you may get lucky.

The gun I have yet to find an acceptable replica. A genuine will run you about $250+. Mine is a plastic toy that I painted (my wife wouldn't allow me to have a real gun - even without any ammo)

Hope that helps!
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Here is my collection. The only weapon I do not have is the H&R. That's a tough firearm to find. I managed to reproduce a few of the blackmail photos as well. The wrench is a british issued Billings/Coe wrench (UK Gas Grip, whatever that is) stamped with a triangle symbol centered with a 'B', the candlestick is one of the Diamond Jubilee collection, "The Diamond Princess" (pretty easy to find on ebay- got mine for $60 a set) and the dagger is an old Fairbarn Sykes WWII British Commando Knife (those are pricy, but I found a cheap replica in brass for $25 on ebay). The pistol (according to IMFDb) is an H&R model 732 with nickel finish and a 4" barrel. The rope is a standard hemp- I can't tell whether it's 5/8" or 3/4", and the lead pipe is a 1 1/2" x 18" standard galvanized iron pipe nipple (Home Depot).

Hi all. I am new to the forum, directed here mainly because I am trying to assemble my own collection of Clue weapons. Looking at the candlestick, and comparing screenshots from the movie, I'm still a little unsure exactly which model was used. Is the Prince of Diamonds? The Princess of Diamonds? Something about the way the candlestick was photographed for the movie is making it difficult for me to match. If anyone can help me narrow this down I would greatly appreciate it. And props (pun intended) to those of you with such great collections!
Absolutely loved this movie when i was growing up. Watched it way too many times on vhs. Great to see prop collectors on this forum consider it worthy of it's own collection.:thumbsup

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