Clerks 3 trailer is live

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Yeah I know they have done a lot of breaking the fourth wall stuff, but it seems to be getting excessive starting with the last Jay & Silent Bob Reboot movie.


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Reboot was indulgent and disjointed in the extreme. Probably my least favorite of the askewniverse. Although Smith readily admits he's a boring director when it comes to cinematography, it was particularly evident there, with endless two shots/reversals without giving the viewer a sense of the space or doing any blocking showing the characters moving about or interacting. Several scenes had the appearance of them being shot at different times/places, even though BTS material indicates all the actors involved were indeed there at the same time.
Better hopes for this one.
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Clerks was one of those things that doesn't need a follow up nor is it "franchise" material. It is perfect for what it was for the time it was made, and for and by the people that made it. It's beloved for that reason.

Having said that, this feels like the story that should've been Clerks II. I've not liked anything that Kevin Smith has done after Clerks at all, but this looks interesting and I may actually give this an enthused watch.


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I'm in... I'll prob see it when he tours it to Vancouver...

They're not really GOOD movies... but if you've followed through the years, they're basically just fan service in-jokes movies... I've followed since clerks so even little moments like "Hey! Marc Bernardin! Will he get a line this time?" clips get me hyped.

And at least this is Randal and Dante... Those two are strong characters - even more so than Jay and Silent bob.

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