Cleaning Skins


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Hi everyone

This is aimed at all the guys and girls that have made a mr. incredible, leotard or wetsuit skin. How do you wash them??
I was talking about it with my mum at lunch today and I imgine that after a few hours of sweating the material on the inside of the skins would develope quite a funky smell, not to mention a build up of absorbed sweat in the material could be pretty irritating on the skin, so how do you go about washing them without too much damage to the suit??
I was thinking of just flipping it inside out and hosing it out, letting it dry then turning it right side out again. would that work?? or would it crack and split the paint and latex??


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i have a fabric chest with latex on top simialr to a Mr. I. suit, all i do is turn it inside out and let it air for a bit, but then again i've only worn my suit in winter and i always wear a cotton tee-shirt under it and that soaks up most of my sweat


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I hear you on this one. After each wearing of my pred (lycra suit with attached muscle) I spray it down with OT spray. It kills bacteria, mold, fungus etc and is meant for hockey gear. I kind of gives off a minty bleach smell, but that's how you know it is working. I use it on my goalie gear, sadly nothing can kill the smell of hockey equipment.