Snakepit Studios Female Predator "skins" Review


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          Near the end of July, Keith of  Snakepit Studios reached out to me on my Facebook page, his team wanted to send me one of their female Predator Skins to try out and post on my like page. I figured I would jump over here first and do a review for you guys. While  browsing the Lair, and reading a lot of female build threads  I have seen that some ladies  did not exactly want to go with the full latex suits. I think  these  fabric skins are a great alternative.  Below I will explain why with some photos, as  well as add some links where you can check out  this studios other work.



Here is the standalone product  front and back,  The wrists have thumb loops to avoid slipping when putting on prosthetic latex hand gloves or  armor, the suit is full bodied but stops a little past the knees since, that is normally covered over in leg guards anyhow.

The fabric itself is comfortable, easy to put on, breathable, modest in comparison to body painting so  no worries of being asked to leave convention floors OR chipping crumbling body paint,after hours of wear. On top of, it is very flexible... you can pull some fun dynamic poses in it during photo shoots without the claustrophobic sweaty feeling  of a weird exoskeleton.

The more you layer onto your body, the more seams will be covered over...I noticed right away layering armor and fabrics  started to breath life into this product.

Shameful !!!.. raw  paintless  bio  I KNOW! I AM ON IT! I just wanted to start bringing the Female predator shape all together lol please bare with me and use your imaginations.

In these last two photos I decided to do makeup on my hands instead of  linking my thumb into the wrist loop..You have a choice, you can either wear latex hands or  get some crazy nails on then get creative with makeup. In conventions I will probably go the hand makeup rout since it will be easier to control my fingers, you know... write on stuff, eat... I am personally clumsy with even simple gloves on.


But there you have it, I love these suits, they are pretty damn awesome! For my personal photoshoot I will most likely do full body paint ( just to challenge myself ) but without a doubt I will be wearing this skin to a conventon...

      Snakepit Studios is not just limited to female predators, they have equally awesome  male suits that are  also flattering to the body form, as well as tons of other things to choose from.....   Before i wrap this up, these suits are machine washable, I personally would  hand wash and hang dry just to keep them nice longer....Beware of velcro as well... A lot of pred armor is heavy on the velcro and that would certainly ball up and fuzz the suit!  If anyone has any sort of questions  I would be more than happy to answer. (i am sure i left something important out) 

Thanks for the link and pics; a bodysuit is great for when one needs to be in-suit for extended lengths of time... (SDCC '10 we were suited up for 7hrs (!) )

Superb pics; love that armor!

OH wow, seven hours is no joke! These suits really are great for long term wear and they look fantastic .. you can even get one tailored to and under muscle suit  you may  have  but it is really not necessary ... I am not a very large or strong woman but  the suit does good illusion to make me look like i am made of bricks haha
One of the biggest reasons i would advise on painting your natural hands and adding claws is , without an under muscle suit to this  skin, it will not add any bulk to you at all... ..Since I do not have a muscle undersuit and I am pretty small  ..painting my hands is a good way to go lol!
yep raw scanner, and I have NO idea who originally made it, It is def. a pep file that was fiber-glassed and all that process.... so i am sure floating somewhere around here someone has the  scanner bio pep  file.  Be careful though because this bio is specifically female is a bit smaller than the traditional  scanner bio.
I have their male suit and love the crotch zipper feature.

What accomodations do they have for female anatomy?
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