Classic Doctor Who (2nd Doctor) The Mind Robber 1968 on Netflix AWESOME!


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WOW! I just got finished watching a 2nd Doctor, Doctor Who episode, entitled The Mind Robber from 1968 on Netflix... it as AWESOME!

Seriously, it is now my absolute favorite 2nd Doctor Episode ever.

The story is really good and, surprisingly, the special effects work very well with the story line. The Doctor, along with Jamie and Zoe find themselves in the "no where" where they are engulfed in a world of puzzles, trickery, and fiction where reality keeps getting re-written around them.

The Doctor has to figure out the clues presented to him as relativity constantly changes around him. Part I and II really set it all up (15 minutes each) but it turns into an excellent episode during part III, which is very similar to any great Star Trek halodeck episode where reality keeps getting altered and re-written as they move along.

I'm trying to stay away from any spoilers but, if you enjoy classic Doctor Who, this one is one to watch for sure.





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I don't know- I haven't seen much of the 2nd Doctor, but that was a pretty wacky episode. Zoe's outfit was fun, though...
I watched it a couple months ago and thought it was pretty good. The concept was carried through nicely despite the low budget or maybe because of it. Zoe also looks really nice in the painted on outfit.
The Mind Robber is my 2nd Fav Troughton Story. Episode 1 is really superlative stuff. Very surreal and nicely done. Zoe in the catsuit on the Console.... the image remains burned into my brain!

On a similar note my GF was super cool and agreed to do the Cat Suit Mind Robber Zoe for Gallifrey/SDCC 2010.




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