Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior (Completed).


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Some of you may have seen last years film "Clash of the Titans" at the cinema's, some people loved it, some loathed it. as for me, well I thought it was pretty cool in part especially the little seen D'jinn (Pronounced Jinn) a nomad warrior named Sheikh Sulieman ( Played by the great and tall Ian Whyte ) with his piercing blue eyes and a bark covered face and limbs In the film, they are said to have no allegeance to the Gods and share no love for man either. When they are wounded in battle they replace their limbs with Charred wood and black magic and live for hundreds of years. Well having a spot of bads news regarding wearing stilts ( My left knee won't take the stress of wearing them ) I've decided to make props out of the Id4 alien and the Underworld Lycan instead and put them on hold for a while as I've decided to start work on the D"jinn warrior. I've already sourced some of the material for the costume and already made a start on the face in clay ready to cast it up for a latex mask. I'm almost 70% finished with his staff (lenghth is well over 8 feet) I've already added the glyph work, topped off with the three prongs and antler as seen in the film, just got to stain and varnish it, add the leather work, talismans and it's finished. For his eyes that glow an electrifying blue I'll use two ultra bright LED's placed behind the eye lenses, vision is somewhat difficult but is ok to see through. The cloth work is mainly a royal blue coloured cloak and headwear ( Material already found locally), the undersmock is proving a tad difficult to replicate, so I have tried to match it to something similar, I'll get the material when I can as I am concentrating on the face at present aswell as the staff. Aswell as having bark covered face, both his arms and hands will have to be sculpted in clay so I can mold them up and cast them in latex. The feet are hardly seen in the film unless you are quick enough to spot them, so again I will sculpt and cast these and will have to add uplifts to the finshed items to give me the desired height. Anyway I hope to complete this costume by march next year in time for the event and fundraisng season. I'm doing this on a really tight budget due to being out of work with health issues and doing what I can with what I have got left material wise and when the funds allow.

I tried to find decent photo's of the costume, so I emailed Ian Whyte and he kindly sent me a few really great shots of the face and costume from different angles, these have helped me out no end and I am so grateful to Ian for sending them to me!

Actual film used costume,


The face sculpt, still some refining and blending to do yet, but it's taking shape.



A poor shot of the top of the screen used staff,

The top of the staff I am replicating,

and the rest of the staff, ignore the string! LOL.


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Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

UPDATE: Ok thought I'd share a photo of where I'm at after nearly seven hours of cutting and stitching, I'm about halfway through with the sewing work for the clothing for the replica costume of Sheikh Sulieman from Clash of the Titans. Lower skirt almost done, just to add another layer of material, the outter cloak is now completed, first half of the material around the waist is now on and awaiting the final layer. When the completed outfit is 100% done it's on to the weathering and ageing to give it the distressed look as in the film. I'll post up a more indepth build report at the weekend as I am hoping to have the face closer to completion aswell as the eyes in place etc. Now I'm going to soak my fingers for a couple of hours as they are hurting like hell from all the puncture wounds that were inflicted with needles that had minds of their own.


Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

This looks brilliant. Love the effort and dedication to bringing this out.
Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

Thanks guys, I'm pleased you like how it's coming long.I've made a start on the paint up for the upper face, I used matt black as a base coat then applied a thin cover coat of everyday car primer (grey). Once this coat has dried I'll apply the remaining colours using a mixture of oil pastels and matt black to bring out the detail in the face ie the shadowing and charred or burned and weathered look to the face. Having now seen the upper face for the first time with the very first layer of paint on I am extremely happy with how it has come along since first starting on it, I was really dreading sculpting the face has there is so much detail etc to it!. I am working on the lower jaw, defining the teeth etc and hopefully I'll be able to post up photo's of the entire face probably by early tomorrow evening guys.I really hope you like how the face looks guys as this is what people will look at and remember from the film, so I hope I have got the look correct?

I took the pic's as the paint was still drying, so I hope the paint will sink in and more detail will come out once dry. Still to fit the eye lenses and LED's once the face is entirely finished off paint wise.


Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

I've finally finished the head section of the build and I am so happy with how it looks.The eyes really do shine and bring the entire look together, giving him that evil, eery forbodding to him. I thought I would add a bit of artistic licence to the look adding a dark purple shroud as I couldn't find the correct material but I think it looks just as good. Anyway I'm now moving onto finishing off the rest of the robes adding the sash, leatherwork and talismans before moving ontothe shoulder bells and back armour. Still so much to do,but I m seriously loving this build and how it comes together with each new piece that is added. On with the photo's, I thought I would put him together to see how he looks so far and well I am so happy with his look now and really can't wait to add the next new piece!!!








Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

Finally I am that stage of the build were a test fit of the costume is called for, so with fingers crossed and praying that my measuring skills were correct, it was on with the show! Well I cannot believe that after a few months of working like a mad man on this project idea, it has paid off in spades. I am so darn happy, IT FITS and there is NO PAIN involved with him either, nothing bites, nips, scraps or scratches on any part of him and he is so comfortable to wear too!! The only thing that I forgot to do was turn on the eyes for the video Karen took of me wearing it, DOH! The hands and forearms I managed to get 99% finished today but they still need to be detailed and weathered to match the face. I ordered the remaining Rams and Antelope horns last week and awaiting their arrival this week so I can finish off the talismans around his neck and torso. The work on the shoulder and back armor started aswell today,but my time was taken up with concentrating on the hands and arms, so I'll spend more time on the rest of the armour in the week aswell as his Sythe (Sword) which goes on his back. There's a few other little bits and bobs to do in between but in all this is proving to be a really awesome build, one which I am really, really proud of.

Here's a link to the video my Partner took of the test fit.

Re: Clash of the Titans: Sheikh Sulieman, D'jinn warrior WIP.

Cool, i really loved that guy in the movie. The eyes and all that wood in their face makes them really cool.
Ok guys heres the pic's of the completed costume, I'll upload a video of it when I get the chance. I really do love how he's turned out and it's even better than I had ever dreamed of! Please let me know your thoughts and comments guys.

I can't wait for Halloween so I can go scare a few folk!!!















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