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hello, just a quick question.

I finished modeling my Mau5 head


everything is sanded, but how would I go and make it look like this?


Could a spray paint achieve something close to this look?

If not, i'll stick to the 5-ball mau5head I was originally going to paint.
I was going to suggest mirrachrome also, $80 for 4 ounces, $1300 for a gallon.... pretty costly but it does look like chrome, and you can clearcloat it. Other than that there are places like Creations in Chrome that Volpin used on his Daft Punk helmets. I have no idea what they charge though.
I think you may find that one posted wasnt painted,
though if you dont plan to get it vac metalissed or electro chrome platted,
and you want to paint it you self,
Im sure there are some great products out there to achieve a good chrome look but youl need to prepair it to an absoultly some finish , cant tell from your pic but , the key to a great chrome paint finish is lots of prep, this may involve under coating and sanding and spray putty and wet sanding to get it very smooth,

What is it made from ?
I've been doing a lot of digging into achieving a good painted chrome finish, and BG is right. It's all in the prep. Smooth surface, gloss black undercoat, and light coats of whatever chrome paint you choose, followed by a buffing with a soft cotton rag
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