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One of the most nerve wrecking part about building a Cylon is getting the darn thing chromed. There are several places around which do it but for a limited time you have the opportunity to get professional chrome painting at a fraction of the cost!!! That's right. Due to an abundance of chroming paint materials, Sacramento Chrome and Paint is offering deep discounts!!

Do I sound enough like an old time hyper car salesman ad?

But seriously, I have been working with Sacramento Chrome and Paint for about two years now and their product is really good (and yes, I have tried the competitors). If you were at Galacticon 3 and saw my copper/Gold commander you have an idea of the work they do.

People always ask about prices. It depends on what you want. finishing services and labor are separate from painting so here is a run down just to give some ball park ideas

Paint what you got (no filling, sanding etc...) figure around $400- $500 for a full Cylon suit. Yeah, pretty good!
Helmet - $130!

But of course if you want it PERFECT!!! then that requires finishing labor which you can figure up to $2500 to get a flawless suit.

But that is for you and Ed to decide. Give him a call or e-mail and see what he can do for you.

Just to be clear, I am promoting this service because a lot of us don't know where to go to get this stuff done. I do not work there or receive any kickbacks.

Just passing the info on.

Here is the info:
Sacramento Chrome and Paint, LLC
Edward Persike
fax 916.381.3405
4 Wayne Court #1
Sacramento CA 95829