Christopher Reeves Superman suit


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I've seen some that are aqua and others that are bright blue like the Dean Cain suit. Which is accurate?

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well, the original screen used types were kind of an off color blue/green for most of em. made it easier for the fx team.

the "image" ones, or the best ones that i know of or more along the line of a baby blue color.

"image" being just idealized, not screen accurate down to color.

hope this helps

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In the theatrical release, the color wandered all over the place, even looking green in some effects shots (poorly corrected that is; the actual suit was green in some cases, they had dozens of different suits for different uses).

The DVD that came out a few years ago fixed that for the most part, and the suit remains properly blue.

But blue is a hard color to pin down, and Superman's suit, in the movies, comics and action figures - has been portrayed as a wide range of values.

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I've been fortunate to see and photograph both the "blue" fabric and the "green" fabric that was used to make the Chris Reeve suits.
I can tell you this. The fabric NEVER photographs the way it appears in person. It's SO weird. The fabric is unlike anything that is available today. Production of the fabric stopped in the late 80's so it's not possible to get an exact match using today's modern lycras. It's comparable in thickness to heavy duty spandex but it has the most beautiful metallic shine - again, totally different to the shine seen on modern day lycras / spandex. The weave texture is also very noticeable and larger than any weave texture on the more finely woven new fabrics.

It was hard for me to send the original fabric back to its owner, but it gave me a rare opportunity to see the true color of an unfaded Chris Reeve suit.

Even the "blue" hero suits are actually more of a teal blue when you see it in person.

Not sure if that helps but I wanted to share my insight into this.



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Yes, it was similar.

It seems criminal now, but they re-used parts of Reeve costumes in that Superboy TV series. They CUT the Reeve capes so that they were shorter and a better fit for the smaller actors.


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Thanks Chris.  That helps a lot.  Was the texture something like this?