Child-Size Spawn Movie Costume?

Neon Sentry

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While my own costuming projects have been shuffled off and rearranged (and often retired) due to numerous problems, I'm not gonna let my little brother's Halloween be ruined as well.

He wants to be Spawn. But no, the regular costume produced back in '96 or so won't suffice, he wants the movie version. Too bad they never produced anything (to my knowledge) other than an adult latex mask back in '97

I've gone through many ideas, chief among them getting chiro's childsize Panther armor off of BOTB and basically texturing it with latex. I don't have the means to make a full bodycast of the guy, but there are quite a few mannequins out there with almost exacting measurements (chiro's being a prime example, hence the idea) so sculpting up the suit isn't an issue, however the casting would be

Should I build up the basic parts in foam, then latex them? Sculpt each section on a mannequin seperately, then just do a slush cast in black latex? Has anyone managed to find info on cold-casting foam latex at room temperature? I've never been able to find info on the catalyst to do such a thing, but I have heard of its use before

I want it to look good, but the budget is also a slight issue. We're trying to work under $300. Luckily his size means slightly less material costs, butt his is still a fairly large project to tackle, especially with only 3 and a half months left before Halloween

Any tips?

EDIT: Does anyone have any reference shots of the original costume? Coming by any detailed shots of the hero suit is ridiculously hard. You'd think it was never seen outside of the shooting set considering how are it seems to be :(

Neon Sentry

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So, no luck on reference pics of the big guy himself?

I'm pretty sure as this point I'm just going to buy a child-size mannequin for the main bits, glue them to an undersuit and then use liquid latex to bridge the gaps, but if anyone else has a better method, I'm all ears :)