Suggestion Censor suggestion: Off-topic catagory

I've noticed that there have been a few changes discussed before,but I have a suggestion that I hope will make everyone happy.

Is there some way that we can make an 18,and over only option for threads that have cussing in them,or adult themes (no porn/nudity),but things that children don't need to see? Like having a selection of what type of thread it is:

G - all ages allowed

PG - some themes may be suitable for teenagers,and older

R - for adult access only

This should be verified by age when registering,meaning that whatever the age of the member when they register will be the criteria for what permissions they have,and can access on the site. I've noticed that we've been censored,and some people have expressed concern about it before. I just wonder if there is a content filter that will only censor younger users from seeing offensive content,or words. This way,the rpf staff won't be "ruling with an iron fist" when censoring,or allowing access according to administrative tools.

Much like the silly icons to the right when editing posts,or the toolbar above - this could be implmented to have the type of thread,or post for appropriate audiences. This would automatically censor questionable material from restricted users. (This would only be in the "Off-Topic" catagory where non-members can't access anyway.) Does anyone else agree with this?

Too Much Garlic

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All I had to do when signing up was click the box saying whether I was under or above the age of 13. Your suggestion will require that listing of birthdate becomes mandatory... yet... anyone can lie when signing up.


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It's not really about age, though, is it?

I think the limits are based more on keeping the RPF professional and respectable than "protecting" young eyes from harmful or inappropriate material.

I'm glad I can come to the RPF and not have to wade through threads filled with profanity or bunches of "hot girl" threads or need to click a button to hide content I don't want to see.

While the limits of what's acceptable on the RPF are dynamic, I think right now they're loose enough to allow general conversation but strict enough to divert people from pushing the limits of good taste.
That's not what I meant. Meaning,profanity as opposed to anything else. I agree that "girly",or "manly" threads,or anything of a sexual nature not be allowed,but allow us to censor ourselves,not simply press a button to keep us from seeing something we don't like,or find objectionable. This is to keep adult members,not just children from stumbling on adult conversation about "Who do you find hot",or "I think I have herpes,should I see a doctor"? This way,we can avert our eyes,and children from seeing such topics,or reading them.

I also think we should have some type of proof from members such as a valid ID to enter either "rooms",or threads where objectionable material might be shared. This is what I meant. This would keep small eyes,and big ones from seeing things they don't need,or want to see.

Too Much Garlic

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I also think we should have some type of proof from members such as a valid ID to enter either "rooms",or threads where objectionable material might be shared. This is what I meant. This would keep small eyes,and big ones from seeing things they don't need,or want to see.
Well, that would rule me out of going there. I won't hand over any proof to any forum online, more than they can already screen for by me coming here. There are nothing to protect my info if I provide it to a forum, from not being passed on or intercepted.

Art Andrews

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Community Staff

I understand what you are asking for, but you have to think about the complexity this introduces to the site. The complexity of software modification and administration isn't worth the relatively small gain or the headaches that would come with them.

In regard to the profanity/adult themes issue, WinstonWolf359 absolutely nailed our position. While we do want to be somewhat family friendly, the real issue is about maintaining a certain level of respectability and professionalism on the site. If it were simply a matter of not wanting children to see certain subjects... well, we are way past that already in the subjects we allow.

In regard to the whole valid ID thing... whew you are opening a can of worms NO ONE wants to see opened and again, you are talking about a level of complexity and administrative responsibility that we as a site simply aren't willing to take on in regard to the security of people's private information. In theory, it would be GREAT if we could verify each member but the truth is, there is so little to gain from it, and so much to lose... not to mention, as Too Much Garlic pointed out, a lot of our members would simply refuse to do it and we would lose a lot of members from such a demand.

In regard to profanity, we have a lot of words in the word filter and let most of the rest past, unless they are posted in photos. Are you really missing out by not having them typed out? Is it impacting your member experience? Usually, even if a word is censored, you can usually guess what it is, based on the context in which it appears... so I ask again, is this really a major issue or impedance on your enjoyment of the site.

On a final note, it is our experience that the cliche of "give them an inch and they will take a mile" is exponential on the internet... where you give them an inch and they travel to the moon and back... We have taken a slightly less aggressive stance on political/religious/adult content already... and we have more or less asked the membership to handle themselves responsibly in regard to their content and you know what? They can't or won't. We have already seen what a number of people predicted early on when we first began suggesting that we would relax things a bit. Sadly, no matter where you set the boundaries, members seem to always feel the need to step just a little beyond them so ultimately the rules have to be a bit more stringent than what we are actually willing to allow because we can be assured whatever the rules our the general populous is going to push just a little beyond that level. With this in mind, if we allowed an 'adult' area, it would be full of the ugliest of profanity, pornography, illegal torrents, religious and political bashing and all sorts of things that would eat up tremendous amounts of staff resources while not really contributing anything back to the community as a whole. It simply isn't worth it.