Captain America's (TFA) boots...what are they?


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I'm sure there is information out here on the proper model boots he wears in the 50 CA threads in existance but I sure as heck can't find it.
I'm pretty sure they're paratrooper boots but does anybody know the exact model?
They are paratrooper boots, or at least a replica of such. The give away is the set of lace hooks half way up. Not normal on that era of boot that I've seen. The closest I've seen in relation to lace holes and hooks are a pair of boots from the Korean War. Unfortunately they were too darkly polished for my tastes. Also, the buckle tops are an addition by the design team, not actually on the original boot. Good luck with your search.
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Ironic as I had been wondering the same thing. I was doing a search yesterday on Google for Paratrooper Boots with the double buckles and came across this link.
Epic Militaria > American Buckle Combat Boots

'somewhat' similar but still far off. CA's boots are higher and yes, it does appear the double buckles were added as part of the overall design.
Hey guys, they aren't jump boots (paratrooper) If you google M-43 Double Buckle combat boots you will get a bunch of examples of them. They were made in 1943 & issued to the US Army in 1944. There are also French paratrooper boots that look similar but wernent made until the late 50's. They do look a little different though. If you want to be film accurate go with the M-43 Double Buckle boots. This ebay listing is for a brand new replica pair.
The actual boots used were military 'style' jump boots. The cuff was added by the cotume team (confirmed with them by email). My guess is they also replaced 6 pairs of eyeholes for lace hooks, because that combination just wasn't produced.
Boots are always a nightmare! Champion Attitude made some great superhero boots in the past, but they seem to have all but disappeared from their website. I searched for years for just the right boots for my Santa Claus outfit, before finally bastardizing an old pair of winter boots and sewing it all by hand!
If you guys are talking about the "Movie" Cap look , His boots are of brown leather, If you look there are two types of looks:
1st Look; Some one stated "Jump Boots" Paratrooper boots reproduction set sells for 150.00 (give or take)
2nd look; Almost same type of boots but called "LOW Quarter" style, ca;;ed this for , the use of canvas leggins called "SPATS" (which comes in four sizes,1-4)

Also he wears WWII Paratrooper Pants, which are modified called "rigger Made" with side pockets of pants added to look or hold more items for troopers.

also his M-1 grand belt, to hold rounds for M-1 grand rifle.....
Dont mean to sound so "LONG" about this stuff, but Im a WWII History guy, Living history,and collect Pre-145 War items...
SO if you guys need help in this Capt. America Impression I can help out!!!!!!
"The Saint"!
world war two double buckle boots some were cochran (jump boots) with double buckle uppers others were leg boots (non paratrooper) mine are legs I wear email me and i'll send pics

Here's the boots from his Cap uniform.


11 eyelets, a toe cap [hard to see here] , the 2 buckle top, and 6 eyelets converted to hooks. The heel looks higher than normal to me.

Now real G.I.s had a 2 buckle boot with 8 eyelets. that were rough side out [suede].

Paratroopers had 12 eyelet reddish boots with toe caps.

So wrap the 2 buckle around the paratrooper and you'll be pretty close.

And Mountain troops had hiking boots with hook eyelets.
[the worlds second hiking boot BTW. The first was by Vitale Bramani, who got Pirelli to make rubber soles for climbing after 6 friends died with leather soles. Today ViBram make 42 million soles a year.
In WWII the US got Goodyear to reinvent the sole. They had some trouble attaching it, but Goodyear welts are still used today on boots.]

And I found that British Skinheads often wear reddish 11 eye boots they call 'cherry reds'.
Found another shot of the boots from a display. They look more beat up in person.



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You can just buy the boots from UD Replicas, they sell them separate from the suit for 198 CND, and I'm pretty sure they'll be screen accurate.
The thing about UD Replicas is they make working motorcycle suits. Some modifications are made.

The boots have a modern wrap around rubber sole, and don't seem tall enough to me. But if you want bike boots, yeah.

Hey guys,
I bought these ones for my upcoming F.A Cap costume, I sanded them down, took off some of the polish with Nail Varnish remover then used Magix Leather Spray paint on them, I got them to a nice brown now, but it seems abit light but I'm goin to weather them into a dirty muddy look anyways, also the suede or canvas type material is a pain to colour, the Leather spray just kept soaking into them so I ended up trying Brown car spray paint and after nearly a full can it finally took on a brown look but obviously not a full colout match to the rest of the boot, but again with weathering it should all look abit more matching..... just thought I'd throw this option out there..... they aren't as high as Cap's either but hey, beggers can't be choosers lol

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