Captain America's Shield in progress


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Hi there, this is my first prop so be gentle :) also english is not my native language so sorry for any misspelled word

I started making props just a few weeks ago, As I'm a big comics fan, I decided I make first the comic version shield with a twist, this is applying metalic automotive paint, and well, here it is

I really don't have much photos of the process, but well, I'll post the ones I have, this is the only one I have from tha back part, this one is from the painting process, the shield is entrirely done in steel.

First I gave it some coats of metalic white paint, let it dry for a couple of days and then I masked the star to apply the metalic blue paint

Then I let the paint dry for a couple of days and proceed to mask and paint the metallic red

This is how it looks with all the colors on, it does not look metalic, but I think it is the lighting and my cell phone quality, I'll use the camera for the final shoots, also it still needs the clear coat on top of it.

This is the back of the shield, with the straps almost done, made in leather and aluminum

That's all right now, I'll make another post with the finished product shots, stay tunned :thumbsup

Edit. Feb 26 2012 I've Just posted the finished shield here ---->
Let me know if you liked it
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