Captain America Winter Soldier Age of Ultron Mashup: UPDATE


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Hello all

So about 8 months ago, I decided I wanted to create a Cap outfit to use for charity events and such based on the Winter Soldier design but updated with a brighter blue and adding the classic red and white stripes to the abdominal area.

I absolutely loved the Winter Soldier suit design, but I had not seen any AOU pics at that time, so I did some photoshop designs.

I reached out to to members on the RPF and someone offered to help me out.

It definitely took quite sometime to get the design to a point I was happy. The first pass was not exactly what I had asked for and strayed too much from my design. I was informed that my design was proving too problematic so I redesigned.

After a few more months, the suit was done and sent to me.

Overall, it looked quite good. There were still some pretty significant problems to fix. I brought in an amazing seamstress/friend of mine who I had recently started to work with and she solved all of the issues, as well as made a brand new harness and belt out of leather (as the ones I received were pleather and looked a bit too cheap for the rest of the outfit)

We made the shield in house (opting for the more classic/comic version).

The Helmet was from another RPF member. Overall, it is pretty fantastic, but needed some reworking as well. The "A" was a bit too askew for my liking and the patterns on the top were too uneven.

I took a mold off of the A, sanded down the original A, filled in the top patterns and recut them, and then, after painting and finishing the helmet, applied the new "A" in the proper position.

The boots and gloves were purchased online. Still debating if I want to add anything to the boots.. perhaps some red accents.

While it did not come out exactly as I had envisioned it, am really happy with the end result, and, after seeing the new AOU suit, I think this is a pretty good amalgam of the two suits. More importantly, I think kids will go nuts when we do charity events!

Thanks for looking.

Pics below show the first Photoshop design, then the second redesign and the final costume.​


  • WS Update.jpg
    WS Update.jpg
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  • outfit redesign.jpg
    outfit redesign.jpg
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  • rpf side by side.jpg
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Re: Captain America Winter Soldier/Aou

Thank you!!

- - - Updated - - -

Credit also goes to the other technicians… Phizzle and Mauflett for their help in bringing this to life.

- - - Updated - - -

And of course my amazing team at Blue Whale Studios Inc
Re: Captain America Winter Soldier/Aou

This is awesome I'm actually in the middle of turning my cosplaysky stealth suit into an age of ultron suit, and the your ab section is what I'm going for pretty much.
Re: Captain America Winter Soldier/Aou

Thanks All.

Actually, in the midst of a few more changes.

Tightening up the sleeves at the wrist and bringing the blue slightly lower on the ribcage area... felt it was just too high.
Re: Captain America Winter Soldier/Aou

Here is a quick photoshop of how the blue will change on the ribcage arealower blue.jpeg

I also attached a clip to my shield so I can hang it on my back.

Final pics to come.
Hi all

Made some changes this week.

Lowered the blue so "ribcage" look wasn't so high. Also brought the wrists in tighter and put an invisible zipper in to get wrists in and out more easily.

Added leather to the gloves to come up higher on the wrists, brought boots in tighter as well.

Leather dyed the belt and harness also to darken it up slightly.

Finally, added a clip to the shield so it could hook onto the back harness.

Overall, really happy with it. May make a few more tweaks, but will see

Here's a side by side comparison
new side by side.jpg

A few additional shots

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