Captain America chest star

ideas? you can cast one in rubber, sew one in fabric using a foam backing the brings out the detail... foamies... it depends on a few things, do you want to make them yourself? what are your skill settings? can you sew? can you scuplt and make a mold? give a little more info and lets make this happen!
I originally purchased a cardboard star from Hobby Lobby it was very similar style to the actual movie star. I had it drying in the basement after painting it white and my wife accidently stepped on it and crushed it. I went back to hobby lobby but couldn't find the same star. I was searching this forum and I found a really good rubber one. I was hoping to just buy a rubber one or maybe even a plastic one.
How does one sew something like what you see on a patch, where large sections of color are just made with threads tightly bunched together? I think they did something like that on the USO costume, with the threads on each side of each arm angled down towards the center of the star to create the different reflections we see in the film.
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