Interest Cap shield replica


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Sooooooo, I hear some people want me to do another run of the Shield.... :cool:(y)

The Good News:

I don't mind doing another run, but it will be small!
I still have the Tooling Die for the Shield!
The Shield will have the Star CNC'd into the Shield.
I may sell raw parts for anyone wanting to complete their own shield.

The Bad News:
The run will be small and will require a non-refundable deposit. This is the most expensive prop that I have ever made and requires a lot of cash to start.
I'm still waiting to hear back from a local vendor to take on making the Shields, since the last company went out of business.
Not many Metalspinning Companies want to take on a project like this, due to the complexity of it, and they normally only do huge runs of simple items.

I should hear back from a local vendor this week, and will be contacting a couple more to see if we can get this moving and off the ground.
I also won't know how much these will cost, since these will most likely cost more with a new company, but you can plan on seeing a number around $2000 for a finished shield.

So, this still is not set in stone that this is happening, but I am looking into it!


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Thank you for offering another run, RelicMaker ! Seems like no company wants anything to do making a movie accurate shield lol.

Just to be clear, the Star would be a separate piece that is placed in a grooved out space in the center like the original prop?


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RelicMaker, do you have any estimates on the timeframe for the deposit. I definitely want to be in on this run, but I am in the process of making an offer to buy a house. The mortgage company warned me that spending large sums could jeopardize my mortgage approval. If you are maybe a month or longer away from needing the deposit, that would be awesome!


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Extremely interested.

Another vote for the First Avenger shield. When I think of Cap's shield, that's where my mind goes first.
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Wow this is getting interesting.

I currently have two machined aluminium shields, both from TWS, both inaccurate to some degree (although I like them a lot) but both with a very specific paintjob (one classic with heavy battle damage, the other being the blue stealth shield).
I've been waiting to get a clean, classic shield for years as none of the offers currently on the market really do it for me (the closest would've been the Lager Toys shield but I couldn't get my hands one when they made them).

There are a couple of thing that I will be looking for with this new run, although knowing that RelicMaker is handling it means it is assured to be absolutely stellar.

If I had to choose a look for the ultimate hero shield though (which seems to be the goal here) I would go for the more recent Civil War/Endgame ones.


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Can someone summarize some of the high level detail changes from TFA to TWS beyond the paint scheme? I know there have been a variety of sizes. If we're going with TFA, does that mean going with 26"? Because that seems a bit large.


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eFX, Disney/Marvel, GeneralFROSTY, myself, and others seem to be fond of the 24” size which I think is a good size that’s not too small and not too big.

Plus it’s the most frequently used size on screen from what we’ve been able to gather.