Can I recast an AA Helmet ?

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I take it this is a theoretical question as according to the people who don't like AA his helmet isn't worth recasting anyway (I am sure we will hear that opinion expressed many times in this thread and many other negative AA opinions that are not relevant to your question :rolleyes ).

Are you asking for an official RPF staff answer to clarify their rules on recasting?

Are you just looking for opinion from RPF members?

This is being discussed at along with other recasting issues for anyone interested.

I posted this over at propcircle.

There are many unexplainable grey areas in the RPF that just seem to be set in stone as ok or not ok.

Here are some examples.

AA is not a member of the RPF so doesn't warrant the honour amongst thieves rules. TrooperExpert is not a member of the RPF but he still enjoys being covered by the rules of the RPF.

Armour F/X was made by GF years ago but it seems fair game for anyone to copy this armour (just look at the 501st). To copy GF's second armour (more screen accurate) or TE armour is recasting. The strange thing is GF would have spent more time and effort making his scratch built F/X armour but because it isn't 'screen accurate' it is almost looked down upon by some and not worthy of defending.

Copying a licensed MR stand is seen to be recasting but copies of Don Post's Deluxe Vader and Fett have littered the junkyard and these are licensed props. Then on the the other hand an unlicensed Fett or Vader helmet from a member of the RPF who has had their hands on an original without LFL's permission is recasting .

The interpretation of the rules would suggest that the RPF have to allow people to recast AA/SDS is probably correct but the whole point is the rules are so vague in this area that they are open to interpretation.

The code of conduct rules for recasting is a guideline for prop makers to do the right thing. Many individual cases have different circumstances but common sense should hopefully provail and if it doesn't then the COC has failed. I think if AA was recast and it was found to be acceptable then the COC would have failed.

I suppose what it really comes down to with AA/SDS is if your not a member of the forum and you have just lost in the local popularity contest does it give the members who don't like you a collective right to just say well we don't like him so lets throw away our principles bend the rules to suit ourselves.

Can you answer why you should be allowed to recast AA? Because he isn't a member here? Because he isn't popular here? Because he has lied in the past?

I don't mean to sound aggressive towards you Dr. S but I cannot see why it would be ok to recast AA. I don't see that two wrongs will make a right

Sorry about all the questions but it isn't every day someone posts for clearance to recast somebody elses work :lol

Your one simple question has now posed loads of ethical questions.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Cheers Chris.


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Why are you even starting this crap all over again? Aren't we all just sick and tired of this topic?Man, if I were a Mod, this would be deleted immediately and an instant suspension for Dr. S.


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(Little trigger happy there Street? You once told me the only dumb question is the one not asked. If you are tired, why bother to read my thread?)

To be sure, VITC is correct when he says "Are you asking for an official RPF staff answer to clarify their rules on recasting?"

It has come up twice that I know of in other forums and everyone seems to be going over and over what the opinion of the RPF leaders would be. I just seem to be the first to actually ask.

If that is so bad as to warrant suspension in your eyes than you do not need to include yourself in the thread please.


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Why do you need to start this $##$% all over again? Don't you have anything better to do with your life? I guess not.
Jesus, it's only a TOY helmet.. get over yourself already. Get a life.

Jack Bauer

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Originally posted by JediCarl@Mar 27 2006, 07:53 PM
Oh boy...

:::grabs some popcorn, Large Coke, and Milk Duds::::


I don't know if I can handle another AA thread. Good question. bad execution. From the get go you stated "since it seems he lied about the whole buis of making them from orig molds " where you should have just left it at the original question.

Can you?..... "YES."
Should you?.... "that's up to you".

I direct people to this fun thread on a related topic

I also ask a question that has been on my mind each time I open a box of Bite-size milk chocolatey goodness-covered caramels....... are two milk duds stuck together REALLY called a "milk-dude".?

Egon Spengler

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I don't think it's a bad question as people have modified and sometimes recast old classic action style helmets on here and no one complained about that. Or am I wrong and didn't see that sort of thing like I thought? -blink- Yes I'm being serious.


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Originally posted by streetjudge79@Mar 27 2006, 07:36 PM
Jesus, it's only a TOY helmet..

The Code of Conduct says;

2. Post/thread content:
The following is NOT allowed to be included in any post/thread on the RPF:
a. pornography
b. sexism
c. racism
d. religion
e. politics

If I were a mod, I'd delete your post & Give you an Instant Suspension for mentioning the name of The Son of God.

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Why even bring up recasting? He knows the answer, he's just being a smart ass. Dr S. why don't you get off your computer and go do something productive with your life tonight instead of stirring up trouble again. Maybe go drive your ferarri around the block or something.


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Street, you are the one reading it. So I will again ask you to please stay out of the thread if you can not help.



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man, leela and walken have the same expression, thats kinda cool :lol

as far as the topic goes.... i gotta ask why bother?

the rpf, in general, frowns on recasting. theres the "ok" recasting where you ask the person, theres the "grey area" where you recast studio props or no longer produced things by companies or fans if you cant find the original maker, and the "you suck" area where you recast someone elses work thats a fellow prop fan and they are currently selling casts.

the answer to your question, to me, is pretty obvious. if its currently being offered by someone somewhere as thier original work, then no, recasting is bad. and by original work i mean they sculpted something on it, they rebuilt something, they are offering it, etc. im not getting dragged into another "what specific situation do i have to have in order to get the ok to recast something" arguement. if you gotta ask about it, chances are its not ok.

i gotta wonder though... why is it across 2 boards, we gotta wonder whats gonna be ok'd here. arent the other forums unto themselves? i have a propcircle account, and i post there, and enjoy it (so far). i dont wonder if something is ok there and run it by the majority here. why should another board wonder if doing something here is ok?

just.. cant wrap my head around the logic.

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