Can anyone point me in the right direction :)


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Hello everyone,

If you have any helpful info I would greatly appreciate it. Also, my apologies if this is in the incorrect location....

Over the past week I have looked online over many sites to try and find an authenticated replica Storntrooper full adult costume.

I have found many from many different sites, but there is only 1 problem. It appears all of the ones I have located do not and will not fit a 6 foot 8 male :(

Does anyone have a recommendation? Is there one that is already commissioned? Is the only way possible to make my own with a kit? Or is that not even possible?

Hopefully someone can please help me:)


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Thank you. My apologies but since this is my first Star Wars related forum and not knowing the lingo, what is RT mod. And yes I am talking about the OT trooper.

RT Mod is one of the known makers for larger troopers, however at 6'8" you may still need to do mods to make it fit.

Having said that, I assume you're talking about the OT troopers, not Episode 7. No one is making E7 stuff yet.

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