can anyone here build Vietnam F104 or F105 .......

Durasteel Corporation

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anyone here build liscensed kits, as in construct them, paint them, weathering etc....

I want to give someone an F104 or F105 for a Christmas present.

This post borders on JY material but I had a feeling its topical nature wasnt quite JY but mind find more viewers here. PM me if you can


SSRN Seaview

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Have you looked at the pre-painted / built desktop wood models? I've seen Thuds and Starfighters for sale from several sources in a variety of paint schemes.

My experience with giving people typical injection molded built models, is that they don't last very long. Everybody likes to touch and grab models, "to get a better look at it". Before long landing gears are snapped off, drop tanks and ordanance soon follow.
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