Can anyone help me?


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I'm hoping someone here can help me come up with the names of a couple movies. I'm in my 40's and can remember some scenes from some movies that I saw while in my single digits. The best I can do is describe some scenes, I don't even know the actors. Keep in mind that these scenes come from Horror movies that were produced somewhere between 1950 and 1985 (rough guess). #1- Travelers pull into rundown ?museum?/?motel? after getting lost on their journey. There are 4 or 5 travelers and slowly each is killed and turned into a maniquine, all but one that is (a female). While one of the females is being killed/turned into a maniquine, the killer tells her (while applying plaster to her face) that her heart will burst from fear before she dies of asphixiation. #2- This movie was made for tv I suppose. Near the end a man is stairing up at a portrait when the walls of the house begin to breathe in and out. Is there anyone here reminded of these movies?


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Reading the Wikipedia descriptions for both House of Wax and Tourist Trap, the first one definitely sounds like Tourist Trap.

Trying to use google- and wiki-fu to try to ID the second one, no luck yet.


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The comment about the house "breathing" made me think about a similar film with Andy there a scene in there when one of the character opens a door and while talking to someone else, the door slowly closes. The first man then says to the other "no door in this house can remain open":eek


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I think I may have found #2!

This House Possessed was a TV movie that apparently came out in 1981. There's a copy of it on YT, and at 1:30/1:35, a woman is looking up at the framed brick wall over the mantle, when it starts pulsing in and out like it's breathing (accompanied by sound effects).
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