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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by jamiemp, Mar 10, 2006.

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    ok guys i decided to buy that larbel off of luuke. [​IMG]
    i was just wondering what i need to make it screen accurate and how to go about doing that. ANY info would be great. this is my first time building mpp.
    i want it as screen accurate as possible. do i need to switch out parts and where can i get parts from?
  2. Star Wars Man

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  3. Gigatron

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    In addition to the 2 parts listed above, you'll also need this

    And you should bookmark these pages: Owned and operated by our own LonePigeon


    Here's the deal with the bent nail. The clamp lever is basically two parts, a threaded rod and the lever itself. Sometime either during or prior to assembly, the rod was busted. The prop department took a nail with a large head (large enough to not pass through the sidebars) threaded it through the clamp, and bent the nail to keep the clamp...well, clamped. Then they took the lever part of the assembly and glues it down over the bent part of the nail so that it looked like the lever was intact. For accuracy, do it this way. For all intent and purposes, you could just leave the clamp assembly stock.

    Hope it helps.

  4. jamiemp

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    thanks for the help guys
    are there any sites that have pics of a true screen accurate one?
    would it work if i compare it to the MR anh saber(with exception of grip count)?
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    I managed to make a fake nail that held the clamp together.
    I replaced the old bolt with a M5 machine screw. I cut the threaded portion to 3/4" and most of the head. Then I filed the head flat, sanded it and polished it smooth. For the "bend" I used the corner of a square metal ring, which was not welded together. I drilled a hole for the pin (1.7 mm drill bit). Because I used an inaccurately thin ring for the "bend", I also had to make a pair of tiny spacers to prevent rattling. I tightened the clamp first using pliers, then slid it on. Then I assembled the lever and put a drop of epoxy on the inside to hold it together. When that had cured, I glued it to the cut end of the screw with another drop of epoxy. I tried soldering the two parts of the "nail", but that showed to be too tricky for me.

    I made this one for a friend, and took only this pic of the parts. I was going to take better pics when I made one for myself, but I have not got around to that yet.
    The sidebar in the corner is a black Parks sidebar covered with Bare Metal foil, which actually looks quite OK but gets damaged too easily. I fabricated new aluminum side bars after this pic was taken.
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    Looks good.
  7. Star Wars Man

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    sick blueprints gigatron

    do we have any pics of the finished thing?
  8. Sporak

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    Just curious SW Man...Does "Sick" mean cool now days? :lol

    Those blue prints were drawn by our own Darth Saber...

    Probably the hardest thing to do on that saber is the D ring in the emitter shroud. I angle the drill in just a little to give me just that extra space.
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    True... wasted a fine resin shroud in that process... opted for an aluminum one after that little incident. :confused

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