Building up small details in resin


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I recently got my hands on a resin prop that's got some problems. This is my first resin kit so I've been doing some research, but I'm not completely clear on how to do this.

The problem is that there are some small details that are broken off. One example is an approx. 1mm x 1mm x 6in area that is raised from the surface which should form a solid line but is broken in places. It looks like the cast wasn't well done. Would I use a 2 part epoxy (like Milliput?) to build up the broken areas? Or is there another way this should be done.

(Again, this isn't a hole that needs to be filled, it's a raised area that needs to be built up in places.)

Thanks for helping a resin newbie out.



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I recently had a problem that looked alot like that on a couple X-wing wings. I'm a resin newbie too, but here's how I handled it.

I saved the little resin bits and flash I cut off while cleaning the kit up. I used these scraps to fill and fix the gaps. I found a chunk of scrap that looked thick enough for the width of the strip piece. I then cut it roughly to the length of the gap, and fitted it until it was really close to filling the entire gap. I used gap filling CA to stick it, and before it hardened too much, I sanded it to shape. There were very small gaps left that I filled with bondo glazing putty and filed smooth.

Filled and sanded down.

Another wing after filling and priming.

Good luck. I hope this helped. :)


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I have used Milliput in cases like this, Bondo for larger fill areas and something called "Magic Sculpt resin" which I love. It is now my favorite, unless there is such a large area that Bondo makes more sense.
It sculpts like clay and is really easy to work with.
Best of all is smooths with water.
They sell it here (Southern California) at a hobby shop called "Kit Kraft."

Good luck.


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Aves Apoxy Sculpt works good for that sort of thing too.
Yes. I wholeheartedly endorse Aves Apoxie Sculpt and the Aves Apoxie Paste. They are both 2 part epoxies, or "a"poxies if you will. They mix easily, have a good working time window of about 3-4 hours and fully cure in 24 hours. After that, it's waterproof, sandable, and hard as a rock. I normally use the scuplt, but the paste is a bit runnier but is easier to get into cracks and crevices.

They can both be found online at or other online hobby shops like the StarshipModeller website.