Building the SS Nice-N-Models Slave 1 kit, build log and instructions.

Guy Cowen

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Great stuff Mike, especially looking forward to this thread, hopefully soon enough between us we can fill the internet with Slave 1 builds , ecstasy at last.

What are they selling for price wise?

Really interested to hear you colour choice's, it's the only time I've really hated not being able to get floquil in the uk

Guy Cowen

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Thats cool thanks, just interested as this will likely be the first S1 at this scale to be painted openly so always fun to see whats involved, i'll be doing the same re Tamiya, as long as I can get the colours as I see them. Its so Grey to the eye much more than any pic really tells. Really looking forward to it being documented and seeing the results.
I want to really, really like this, but I need to know first that this kit was not sourced from stuff that other dude hijacked from Guy.

Guy, you seem OK with this one here, is that because it has nothing to do with your project or because you've recconciled yourself to the bait-n-switch you endured?

As for Steve, is he back to selling new stuff before taking care of everyone on the long-running owed-list thread here?

spinner 44

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It seems that I'll be selling some stuff. This is one of my favourite ship designs ever. Thanks to all involved for making this possible.

Now just hoping the price is lower than a couple of thousands.


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Yes, its very exciting to see the last of the great OT ship designs finally reach completion. I was thrilled to see the photographs of the Slave One in the Disney SW tour last year as it meant someone had finally cracked it, seeing the appearance of this thread kind of gave me the chills. I think everyone can be justifiably pleased by what they have managed to achieve ,given the amount of research and effort that's gone into it, whatever version they have helped create. That hull represents one of the toughest weathering jobs out there to get done accurately, I remember doing my old MPC Slave years ago, getting the layers done in the right order was a challenge and a half. Lots of liquid masking and templates traced of pictures. Go ILM!!!!