Building a model - Need HELP please

Go Flight

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Hey guys,

I'm currently building a spacecraft model for a local science center here, and I need some help.
The craft needs a High Gain Antenna that would be 15 inches in diameter and a center depth of 3 inches. This is above my ability.
If there is anyone that works in a place that has that capability or can do it themselves I'd really appreciate the help.
The budget they gave me is limited but I would like this done right.

I know I'm a lurker here, but if anyone could help, please PM me or reach me at kevtk - at - earth link dot net

Thanks in advance.


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Got an image of the original you are hoping to model? "High gain antennas" come in different flavors... solid and not solid ('mesh'), for example. Depends on the wavelength...
R/ Robert


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You want us to help you, but your description is vague, you have provided no photos of anything close to what you need that could help us, help you want us to contact you privately or go to a website to try and track you down so we can help you.

Good luck with all that:lol:lol

Go Flight

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Sorry guys. Never asked for outside help before. This was the craft -
Someone stepped up and I'm getting it done. Thanks again to all who looked in.

Mike J.

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According to the file name, that's New Horizons, the probe that's going to be whipping past the Pluto system in about 45 days.

Go Flight

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Yes, It's the New Horizons probe to Pluto.

The guy thats helping has the ability to vacuform large sized parts. So he'll be vacuforming the 15" antenna out of styrene.
The good part about it is since this is the largest model I've ever scratchbuilt, the gold "foil" that goes on, does so loosely. so it will happily hide any slip ups. ;)
Not that I'm planning on making any. LOL


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Ah, who ever *plans* on a slip-up? ;^P
Good luck - and post a pix or two when you have it finished. Cheers!
Regards, Robert
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