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I am currently looking for a historically accurate pattern for a buccaneer coat much like the one in the following photo:

I suppose I could throw down the $125 and get my own ready made, but where's the fun in that? I want to make one out of wool. I'm not making a costume. I'm just making it to wear around when it's cold out. I'm even planning on lining it with something, possibly thinsulate.
It looks a bit like the Butterick 3894, with different buttons and a double lining.

Vintage 40s 50s 60s 70s Sewing Pattern Patterns Dress Gown Slip Retro Clothing Swing Rockabilly Mod Hippie Fashions Costumes - Butterick 3894 Discontinued Costume Sewing Pattern Jack Sparrow Pirate, Captain Hook Frock Coat, Vest, Knickers Breeches XS

Or it could be an altered Butterick 3072, to have a wider lapel.

Butterick Sewing Pattern 3072 Mens Chest Size 32-36 Historic 1770s era Costume Coat Vest Shirt Pants

Either of these would work, you will just need to make a few changes to the front panel while cutting/pinning together.
There are a lot of historical frock coat patterns out there. You'll most likely have to modify one to get exactly what you want.


Reconstructing History 1740

Reconstructing History 1760

Harriet Englers patterns
There isn't a direct link to this one, but it's listed under men's colonial patterns. 47A-M Redingote, c. 1700's

The "big three" Butterick, McCalls and Simplicity commercial paper patterns companies also have various frock coat patterns in their costuming section. They will not be as historically accurate as the historical patterns, but probably easier to put together.

Simplicity #4023

Butterick #3894

McCall's---couldn't find one, but I thought they use to have a good Hook coat pattern??

And this one by a lesser known commercial pattern company, Burda.
Burda #2459

There may be other other patterns available on eBay and etsy and there maybe new patterns in this year's lineup of costume patterns, I've not really had a chance to check out the fall pattern catalogs yet.

It really all depends on the period you are focusing on. I can tell you from experience that coat is late 1700's inspired, a waste of money and not accurate at all if are doing the golden age of piracy. If you want some good reference as far as period accuracy check out www.gentlemanoffortune.com. If you need an accurate pattern go with the reconstructing history patterns and just modify them accordingly.
Amongst the reineactors and historically accurate ren faire people the jpryan and the reconstructing history frock coat patterns are favorites because
1- they are historically accurate
2- they can easily be altered to be double breasted, have lapels, have larger buckets at the wrists etc.
Be careful with the JP Ryan patterns, I have used several of hers and they are great patterns and have lots of good refrence notes, however they do tend to run on the small size, so get one that has your size and more, also they are not for beginners.

I do Revolutionary War re-enacting and have made several Military and Civilian frock coats, when I start, I make a muslin busk (pattern) and fit that before I cut out any of the expensive material or lining. That way if i make a mistake I am only wasting $.99 fabric.

Also wool is a great insulator you should have no need to put thinsulate as a liner. Rather I have used a cheap Cotton Onsburg as lining material, it has a rough weave and looks good against wool.
Wow... I am a newbie to this forum... but its nice to hop in and see someone has linked to my website

Gentlemen of Fortune

I have taken a break from the Early 18th Century pirate living history world, but will ad my two cents, cause its one of the few topics I can chime in on here.

The Original Post says that you want a historically accurate coat for a Buccaneer? Which period? If by using the word "Buccaneer", you mean a golden age of piracy - pirate (1690ish-1720ish) the picture you posted (as has already been stated) isn't the right thing.

Do you mean Buccaneer in the mid-17th century meaning? They were kind of rag tag hunters wearing a mixture of European clothing and practical self made stuff suitable for the climate they were operating in.

If you want a flashy Justaucorps though, won't do much better than a Reconstructing History and their patterns.

The Early 18th Century coat
1680s-1700s Men's Frock Coat | Frock Coat Pattern | Dog-Ear Cuffs

and the Late 17th Century Coat
1670s-90s Waistcoat | Justacorps | Sleeved Waistcoat

Are great choices. I think the "earlier" coat may be a better choice (its a little easier pattern and uses less fabric).

That being said, the RH patterns are worth their price alone just for the historical information in the packet.

Good luck
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