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Hey boys and girls,
today, while following the "Nike McFly"-thread here and seeing pictures of the shoes together with the hoverboard, i thought "such a hoverboard is a really cool prop", but i always think it's a sad thing when props just hang on the wall, and the only thing you can do is watch them. so i thought "hey, why not making a prop that you can LISTEN to?" :lol

so i came up with the idea of replacing the "hoverplates" by computerspeakers, and scaling the hoverboard down, with the speaker's diameter as a reference-point.
the plan is actually to make two boards, the lower side with the speakers set in, and the upper side as a cover, to hide the cables, boards and stuff like that.
it wont be screen-accurate (as it is smaller obviously, and thicker due to the speaker's height), but i'd like to make it as close to the original as possible, and therefore, i need your help:
a board (no matter if hover or skate) is basically just a plain piece of wood, with a snapped off end (no idea how it's called, i hope you know what i mean).

i've found the dimensons of the hoverboard, designs, and and and...but in which angle does this end snap off? couldnt find anything about it.

*EDIT: found the information, thanks anyway EDIT END*

here some quick pictures of my cardboard-mock up, with reference pictures (don't laugh at my drawings, i just made them quickly with my edding to help you to orientate :lol). the control-unit of the speakers should be hidden within that snapped off end piece, which doesnt exist yet in the mock up (therefore the drawings :))

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First of all, I didn't finish it (yet). I tried it once, but I messed up the measurements or something and I got frustrated and it ended up in my "wanna-build-someday"-corner :lol (but your timing is pretty good, next week I have some spare time and wanna finally build this thing).

Secondly, I don't think that you really got my idea. I don't wanna build a pure replica of a Hoverboard with matching soundfiles to make it appear more realistic. This project is more like a casing for some speakerboxes that looks like a, if you want. Therefore, I didn't even look fore some soundfiles, sorry.
a cool idea, id like to see more

you will, don't worry...even if I mess it up again, this time I will take pictures :lol

but I remember my mistake from the first time, I measured and scaled it and draw lines on a piece of wood...and well, the top and the bottom weren't the same, I guess.
This time I printed the drawings 1:1 and will glue it onto the wood...hope it works :D

I guess I'll start tomorrow or on monday and I'll keep you updated.
So, today I started my hoverboard, and by now, it looks like this:


Not that much done yet I have to say, I just scaled down the layout-files (which I found in this thread here before someone asks; I scaled them to 50% of the original now, which gives the board a length of 46cm I think), printed them out, glued them on a piece of wood (don't ask me what kind of wood it is, I got it from the scrap box in our local home improvement story), cut them out with a jigsaw and smoothed the edges with some sandpaper.

The files say that the back is bend upwards with 25 degrees, so the next step will be to cut this area and bend some metal to attach them to the board again.

I'll keep you updated, though I already warn you: I'm a slow builder :lol whenever I can I will do something on this thing, but dunno yet when it will be finished
..., I just scaled down the layout-files (which I found in this thread here before someone asks; I scaled them to 50% of the original now, ...

That's still more than 50% of the original board. The 9.5 inch wide are very large. This board, which was sold by Profiles in History, is 8 inch wide:

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