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Just got my studio scale viper
, now I need to find the correct paint a light gray color. I dont have a air-brush so can spray will have to do,has anyone used a can spray for this
cant seem to find the right color might try auto stores for the color I want.



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I ended up spray canning mine with a grey lacquer primer first and then 1 or 2 white lacquer primer coats. The grey primer kinda showed through the white which was ok. Besides, after weathering you'll need the white. By using lacquer based primers you can then use enamel based paints over the base color and clean up areas with paint thinner without stripping off the white. The screen used model I remember seeing years ago was also base coated with some sort of white.

Its always tough to tell the color of something from TV footage.

How many arguments did I have over the years about the true color of the Starship Enterprise model from TOS? Some folks thought it was white or blue or green or even pink!

The way they shoot stuff for TV really affects what the colors look like on screen. Plus the fact that YOUR tv and MY tv might not be tuned the same way, so your perception of the color and mine may differ greatly.

The Vipers always looked white to me when I was a kid, but I know they weren't.

There's a great magazine/book from the 1980's about building spaceship kits. They mention that you can get a really great "live" gray color by mixing silver paint in with your white base when you airbrush. Don't know how it works, since I never did it, but that might be an interesting way to address the question.

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