BSG - Converting Moebius Galactica into Columbia-style battlestar


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Hey everyone!

Some time ago I started researching on the full-armored Battlestar as seen in BSG "Razor".



There are a few blueprints/schematics/meshes of a full-armored battlestar/or Columbia/Pacifica itself out there - but none of them is close to match the armor patterns as seen on screen.

I was able to do some frame-by-frame analysis of the short sequence of the apperance and destruction of Columbia.

I have made blueprints/schematics of the full-armored battlestar which should be quite correct.

Who is able to flaten out the armor plates?
There's a lot of curved areas and I have no clue how to extract the exact flat shape of the plates from the blueprints I made...



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Wow, I never spotted that they were actually fully armoured! That's awesome! I heard talk of it, but I never really believed it.

The only constructive thing I can think of is to consult people who make up decal sheets, to see what techniques they use in flat-ifying ships.

The other option is just to play it by eye. Butt up a sheet of styrene, or maybe tracing paper, to a flat-edge area of the armour, bend it to shape, and trace the border with the existing armour, deriving your pattern from that and then eyeballing the screencaps for accuracy.

Unless Drexler or someone releases orthographic renders of the Columbia (or maybe the Blood and Chrome Galactica), that's probably the only way to get good reference.

Best of luck!
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Yeah - I know. Thanks,

but none of the designs (Athena, Columbia and Pacifica) matches the armor pattern of the battlestars seen in Razor.
That's why these are of no use for me.

BTW: Who is Drexler?


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Sorry, didn't mean to come across condescending or anything.

When he's active on the blog, which he should be soon, he's very good about responding to comments. Not sure what else I can offer, though.
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